griffith's valuation extracts

Condons & Clangibbon

Location (parish, townland) Year Occupier Immediate Leasor Description of Tenement Land Area (acres/rods/ perches)
Ardskeagh, Garrane 1851 Thaddeus CRONIN Edward Morrogh Esq. House, offices & land 34/0/38
Ardskeagh, Garrane 1851 Michael CRONIN Edward Morrogh Esq. House, offices & land 46/3/20
Ardskeagh, Garrane 1851 Daniel CRONIN Edward Morrogh Esq. House, offices & land 8/2/25
Ballyhooly Village 1851 Michael CRONIN & Mary Crowley Earl of Listowel House, offices & yard  
Clondulane, Strawhill 1852 William CRONIN John Hyde House, offices & land 102/0/2
Clondulane, Strawhill 1852 James Rohan William CRONIN House  
Doneraile, Kilcolman Middle 1851 Ellen CRONIN John II Barry Esq. House  
Fermoy Town, Cork Rd. 1852 Daniel CRONIN Anthony Clide House, office & small garden.  
Fermoy Town, Whitewall 1852 Mary CRONEEN Thomas Lawes House, yard & small garden.  
Fermoy Town, William St. 1852 Honor Barret & Michael CRONIN Robert Bailey House & yard  
Imphrick, Ballynageragh 1851 John CRONIN Mary Hassett House, offices & garden 0/2/8
Kilworth Village, Kilworth Rd. 1852 Michael CRONAN Mary Boyce House & small garden.  
Mallow, Ballydahin Village, Bridge St. 1851 Margaret CLONIN Mrs Mary Quinn House  
Mallow, Ballydahin Village, Broom Lane 1851 Margaret CRONIN Mrs Mary Quinn House & yard  
Mallow, Ballydahin Village, Broom Lane 1851 Timothy CRONIN Mrs Mary Berry House & yard  
Mallow Town, Main St. 1851 Timothy CRONIN John Gardiner House, offices & yard  
Mallow Town, Gallows Hill Lane 1851 Daniel CRONIN Thomas Jones House, offices & yard  
Mallow Town, Barrack Lane 1851 John CRONIN Owen Madden Esq. House & office  
Monanimy, Beennaskehy 1851 Michael CRONIN Daniel Curtin House & garden 0/0/31
Mourneabbey, Quartertown Lower 1851 Thomas CRONIN John D Croker Esq. House  
Mourneabbey, Quartertown Upper 1851 Edmund CRONIN John D Croker Esq. House, offices & land 21/1/22
Nathlash, Ballynathalisk 1851 Maurice CRONIN T B Gardiner Esq. House, offices & land 21/0/5
Nathlash, Rockmills Village, Shanbally Rd. 1851 John CRONIN M. O'B. Kearney House & land 1/0/14
Rahan, Ballyinvuskig West 1851 Cornelius CRONIN Michael Lane House, offices & land 9/2/19
Rahan, Ballyinvuskig West 1851 John CRONIN Roger Lane Land 30/2/32
Rahan, Fiddane North 1851 John CRONIN Thomas Punch House & garden 0/2/10
Cronin Families of Cork - Griffiths valuation extracts
2002 Michael Cronin
Last revision: 26 July 2001