Youghal and district - 1901 census index

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Surname First names Street or Townland Parish Notes Filn no.
Gallway John Killeagh Gardens (Main St) Killeagh   817278
Galway Mary Church St. Youghal   817278
Gambin Ellen Gillet's Hill Youghal   817279
Garde ? (female) The Strand Youghal   817279
Garde Patrick Knockaverry Youghal   817279
Gardiner Thomasina Williamstown Youghal   817279
Gardner Mary South Cross Lane Youghal   817279
Gardner William Strand St Youghal   817279
Geany Mattheis Ballinteosig Ardagh   817277
Geary Kate Raheen Lane Youghal   817279
Geary Mary Gortaroo Clonpriest   817277
Geary Richard Strand St Youghal   817279
Geary Thomas Windmill Lane Youghal   817279
Geasen John Windmill Lane Youghal   817279
Georan John Dolphin's Square Youghal   817278
Gilfoyle James South Main St Youghal   817279
Glavin Edmond Caher Mogeely   817277
Glavin Elizabeth Cork Lane Youghal   817278
Glavin Margaret Ballymadog Clonpriest   817277
Glavin Mary Ballymadog Clonpriest   817277
Glavin Mary A Whitebarn Youghal   817279
Glavin Matthew Pillmore Clonpriest   817277
Glavin Matthew Pillmore Clonpriest   817277
Glavin Michael North Main St Youghal   817279
Glavin Patrick Carhoo Killeagh   817278
Glavin Thomas Beau St. Youghal   817278
Glavin Thomas Ballymadog Clonpriest   817277
Glavin William Water Lane Youghal   817279
Gleasure Patrick Corbally Dangandonovan   817278
Gleeson Alice Killeagh Gardens (Main St) Killeagh   817278
Gleeson David Pillmore Clonpriest   817277
Gleeson Jane Killeagh Gardens (Main St) Killeagh   817278
Gleeson Margaret Mill Rd Youghal   817279
Gleeson Maurice Glenane Beg Killeagh   817278
Gleeson Michael Shanakill Kilmacdonogh   817278
Gleeson Michael Ballyvergan West Youghal   817278
Gleeson Michael Pillmore Clonpriest   817277
Gleeson Patrick Haymans Hill Youghal   817279
Gleeson Richard Windmill Lane Youghal   817279
Gleeson Robert Youghal Lands Youghal   817279
Gleeson William Monagoul Kilmacdonogh   817278
Godsell John Knocknagappagh Ardagh   817277
Godsell Michael Ballyglavin Ardagh   817277
Godsell Richard Carriganass Ardagh   817277
Godsell Thomas Ballinteosig Ardagh   817277
Godsell Thomas Knocknagappagh Ardagh   817277
Goggin Edward Youghal Park Ardagh   817277
Gough Norah South Main St Youghal   817279
Gould Daniel Creighmore Clonpriest   817277
Gould John Kennel Youghal   817278
Gould Michael Kennel Youghal   817278
Goulding Ellen Chapel Lane Youghal   817278
Goulding Hanna Glenacroghery Mogeely   817277
Graddy James Cork Lane Youghal   817278
Graddy John Ring Kilmacdonogh   817278
Graddy John Clonpriest West Clonpriest   817277
Graddy Margaret Windmill Lane Youghal   817279
Graddy Thomas Cork Lane Youghal   817278
Grady Margaret Buckley's Lane Youghal   817278
Graham David Tallow St Youghal   817279
Graham Denis Killeagh Gardens (Main St) Killeagh   817278
Green Alice Williamstown Youghal   817279
Green Edward North Main St Youghal   817279
Green John Frier St Youghal   817278
Green Joseph Hurley's Lane Youghal   817279
Green Mary Gillet's Hill Youghal   817279
Green Richard Cork Lane Youghal   817278
Greene Edwin Killeagh Gardens (Main St) Killeagh   817278
Grey John Murphy's Rd Youghal   817279
Griffin Bridget Glenawilling Kilmacdonogh   817278
Griffin Bridget Cork Lane Youghal   817278
Griffin Catherine Murphy's Rd Youghal   817279
Griffin Edward Lyre Mountain Mogeely   817277
Griffin James Carey's Lane Youghal   817278
Griffin James Pillmore Clonpriest   817277
Griffin John Mill Rd Youghal   817279
Griffin John Tallow St Youghal   817279
Griffin John Pillmore Clonpriest   817277
Griffin Margaret Ballymacoda (town) Kilmacdonogh   817278
Griffin Maurice Beau St. Youghal   817278
Griffin Patrick Greencloyne Youghal   817279
Griffin Patrick Ballydaheen Clonpriest   817277
Griffin Thomas Pillmore Clonpriest   817277
Griffin William Pillmore Clonpriest   817277
Griffin William Pillmore Clonpriest   817277
Guinan John South Main St Youghal   817279
Gumbelton Henry Tallow St Youghal   817279
Gumbleton James Ballypherode Kilmacdonogh   817278
Gumbleton James Ring Kilmacdonogh   817278
Gumbleton James Ballymacoda (town) Kilmacdonogh   817278
Gumbleton Maurice Knockadoon Kilmacdonogh   817278
Gumbleton Michael Knockadoon Kilmacdonogh   817278
Gumbleton Patrick Ballymacoda (town) Kilmacdonogh   817278
Gyles Richard Muckridge Youghal   817278
Halaron John Buckley's Lane Youghal   817278
Haligan Michael Tallow St Youghal   817279
Hall Henry Ballymacoda Kilmacdonogh   817278
Hall Margaret A Frier St Youghal   817278
Hallahan Hanora Killeagh Gardens (Main St) Killeagh   817278
Hallessy Mary E Beau St. Youghal   817278
Halloran Ellen Tallow St Youghal   817279
Hammerton Mary North Main St Youghal   817279
Handley Eliza Williamstown Youghal   817279
Hankard John Knockadoon Kilmacdonogh   817278
Hankard William Ballymacoda Kilmacdonogh   817278
Hanlon Ellen Cork Lane Youghal   817278
Hanlon James Ballyskibole Kilmacdonogh   817278
Hanlon John Knockadoon Kilmacdonogh   817278
Hanlon Rebecca South Abbey Youghal   817279
Hanly Timothy Cock and the Bull Youghal   817278
Hannagan Michael Strand St Mall Youghal   817279
Hannifin Margaret Burgess Lower Clonpriest   817277
Hannigan Margaret Hanover St Youghal   817279
Hannon Hugh Frier St Youghal   817278
Hannon James Williamstown Youghal   817279
Hannon James Catherine St. Youghal   817278
Hannon William Pillmore Clonpriest   817277
Hannon William R Hanover St Youghal   817279
Harrington James Kenny's Lane Youghal   817279
Harrington Mary Ballymacoda Kilmacdonogh   817278
Harrington Thomas Glenawilling Kilmacdonogh   817278
Harris Bridget Summerfield Youghal   817278
Harris Elizabeth Chapel Lane Youghal   817278
Harris James Curraghboy Youghal   817278
Harris Mary The Mall Youghal   817279
Harris Michael Youghal Harbour Youghal Ketch Pert 817279
Harris Septimus Muckridge Youghal   817278
Hartigan John Ballynalahagh Killeagh   817278
Hartnell Michael Kennel Youghal   817278
Hartnett John Knocknagappagh Ardagh   817277
Hartnett Maurice Ballycarnane Killeagh   817278
Hartnett Patrick Cork Lane Youghal   817278
Hartnett William Rath Ardagh   817277
Harty Ellen Glanaradotia Youghal   817278
Harvey David Barnageehy East Youghal   817278
Hassett Margaret North Main St Youghal   817279
Hastnett John North Cross Lane Youghal   817279
Hawkes Mary Knockaverry Youghal   817279
Hayes Catherine Nelson Tce Youghal   817279
Hayes John Nelson Place Youghal   817279
Hayes Kate Chapel Lane Youghal   817278
Hayes Kate Cork Lane Youghal   817278
Hayes Margaret Tallow St Youghal   817279
Healy Daniel North Main St Youghal   817279
Healy John Cork Lane Youghal   817278
Healy Mary Greencloyne Youghal   817279
Healy Mathew Frier St Youghal   817278
Healy Michael The Mall Youghal   817279
Healy Thomas Water Lane Youghal   817279
Healy Thomas Cork Lane Youghal   817278
Heaphy Edward Raheen Lane Youghal   817279
Heaphy John Ballycarnane Killeagh   817278
Heaphy Michael Troy's Lane Youghal   817279
Heaphy Thomas Killeagh Gardens (Main St) Killeagh   817278
Heaship Daniel Williamstown Youghal   817279
Heffernan Bartholomew Lyre Mogeely   817277
Heffernan Margaret Lyre Mogeely   817277
Heffernan Thomas South Main St Youghal   817279
Hegarty David Corbally Killeagh   817278
Hegarty James Barnaviddane Ardagh   817277
Hegarty John Cork Lane Youghal   817278
Hegarty John Ballymackibbott Ardagh   817277
Hegarty Margaret Raheen Lane Youghal   817279
Hegarty Patrick Cock and the Bull Youghal   817278
Hegerty Sarah Windmill Lane Youghal   817279
Henna Patrick Youghal Lands Youghal   817279
Hennessy Anne Hurley's Lane Youghal   817279
Hennessy Christopher Cross Lane Youghal   817278
Hennessy Edmond Clashadunna West Youghal   817278
Hennessy Garrett Murray's Lane Youghal   817279
Hennessy James Ballymacoda Kilmacdonogh   817278
Hennessy Johanna Ballymakeagh Kilmacdonogh   817278
Hennessy John North Main St Youghal   817279
Hennessy John Ballyglassin Killeagh   817278
Hennessy Johnanna Ballydaniel Ardagh   817277
Hennessy Julia Ballymakeagh Kilmacdonogh   817278
Hennessy Margaret Dolphin's Square Youghal   817278
Hennessy Mary Barnageehy West Youghal   817278
Hennessy Mary Cork Lane Youghal   817278
Hennessy Mary P South Abbey Youghal   817279
Hennessy Maurice Ballymakeagh Kilmacdonogh   817278
Hennessy Maurice Knockmonalea West Clonpriest   817277
Hennessy Patrick North Main St Youghal   817279
Hennessy Patrick Mountcotton Kilmacdonogh   817278
Hennessy Patrick Kennel Youghal   817278
Hennessy Patrick Finisk Clonpriest   817277
Hennessy Thomas Ballymacoda Kilmacdonogh   817278
Hennessy Thomas Brown St. Youghal   817278
Hennessy Timothy Ballymacoda (town) Kilmacdonogh   817278
Hennessy William Ballydaniel Kilmacdonogh   817278
Hennessy William Mountcotton Kilmacdonogh   817278
Hewson Charlotte Knockaverry Youghal   817279
Hewson Mary Power's Lane Youghal   817279
Heysham Major G A U Youghal Lands Youghal Military Barracks 817279
Hickey Catherine Beau St. Youghal   817278
Hickey Cornelius Raheen Lane Youghal   817279
Hickey Mary Windmill Lane Youghal   817279
Higgins Denis Kenny's Lane Youghal   817279
Higgins James Curraghishal Killeagh   817278
Higgins John Killeagh Gardens (Mogeely Rd) Killeagh   817278
Higgins Kate Ballymacoda (town) Kilmacdonogh   817278
Higgins Maurice Shanakill Kilmacdonogh   817278
Higgins Patrick Mountcotton Kilmacdonogh   817278
Higgins Richard Ballymacoda Kilmacdonogh   817278
Higgins Thomas Ballypherode Kilmacdonogh   817278
Higgins William Ballinteosig Ardagh   817277
Hilgrove Margaret South Main St Youghal   817279
Hilgrove Patrick Grattan St. Youghal   817279
Hilgrove William South Main St Youghal   817279
Hill James Williamstown Youghal   817279
Hill Margaret Greencloyne Youghal   817279
Hodnett Michael Yellowford Kilmacdonogh   817278
Hodnett William Nelson Place Youghal   817279
Hogan Anne North Main St Youghal   817279
Hogan Anne Power's Lane Youghal   817279
Hogan Catherine Water Lane Youghal   817279
Hogan Johanna Kilcronat Mogeely   817277
Holland Jeremiah Killeagh Gardens (Main St) Killeagh   817278
Holmes James Church St. Youghal   817278
Holmes Joseph Williamstown Youghal   817279
Holmes Robert Cross Lane Youghal   817278
Holmes Susanna Cross Lane Youghal   817278
Holoxey ? Margaret Dolphin's Square Youghal   817278
Horan Kate Cork Lane Youghal   817278
Horgan Eliza Church St. Youghal   817278
Hortnett Anastatsia Raheen Lane Youghal   817279
Howard Anne Brown St. Youghal   817278
Hubert Kate Beau St. Youghal   817278
Hughes John Youghal Harbour Youghal Schooner Ellen Harrison 817279
Humphries Henretta ? The Strand Youghal   817279
Hunt Kate Mill Rd Youghal   817279
Hurley Cornelius Strand St Youghal   817279
Hurley Cornelius Knocknacally Youghal   817278
Hurley Cornelius Kilnafurrery Mogeely   817277
Hurley Daniel Kenny's Lane Youghal   817279
Hurley John Glenawilling Kilmacdonogh   817278
Hurley Margaret Cork Lane Youghal   817278
Hurley Matthew Ballykilty Clonpriest   817277
Hurley Michael Greencloyne Youghal   817279
Hurley Michael Glenawilling Kilmacdonogh   817278
Hurley Thomas Ballinteosig Ardagh   817277
Hurley Thomas Lacken Mogeely   817277
Hurley William Killeagh Gardens (Mogeely Rd) Killeagh   817278
Hurtin John Windmill Lane Youghal   817279
Hussy Michael Summerfield Youghal   817278
Hyde Anne Ballypherode Kilmacdonogh   817278
Hyde Arthur Burgess Lower Clonpriest   817277
Hyde Bridget Ring Kilmacdonogh   817278
Hyde Charles Ballymacoda (town) Kilmacdonogh   817278
Hyde John Clonard East Clonpriest   817277
Hyde John C Glenawilling Kilmacdonogh   817278
Hyde Margaret Ballymacoda Kilmacdonogh   817278
Hyde Martin Glenawilling Kilmacdonogh   817278
Hyde Michael Knockadoon Kilmacdonogh   817278
Hyde Patrick Glenawilling Kilmacdonogh   817278
Hyde Patrick Ballyhobert Youghal   817278
Hyde Timothy Water Lane Youghal   817279
Hyde William Ballydaniel Kilmacdonogh   817278
Hyde William Clonard East Clonpriest   817277
1901 census index
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Last revision: 1 November 2003