Cronin family of Philadelphia

Looking for information on my family from Ireland.

My great grandfather came over in 1860 but I have no information on a specific date or ship. His name was William Cronin and he was born in 1842 He had three brothers that came over at the same time or around the same time. Their names were Patrick born 1843, Michael born in 1845 and Dennis born around 1849. Their parents names were William and Margaret. I donít have a maiden name for Margaret or ages for them. I think they came from County Cork but have no material to confirm that information.

My great grandfather married Honora McCarthy in St. Anne's church in Philadelphia on the 3rd of September 1870. Honora is the daughter of Jeramiah McCarthy and Honorah Lane.

William and Honorah had three children, Margaret (Grant) born 7/24/1876, William born 12/12/1882 and Mary (Murphy) born 11/23/1884. They also had three other children that died very early in life.

I know this is not much to go on but would really appreciate any information that can be provided.

They resided in Philadelphia all their lives and worked as railroad conductors and or bar tenders.

Researcher: Dan Cronin

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