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Four Courts building, Dublin
The Four Courts building, Dublin. On June 30, 1922, after being pounded with artillery for three days, the Public Records Office blew up.

census records

The first census of Ireland was taken in 1813 for taxation purposes, the next in 1821, and every 10 years thereafter until 1911. The returns for 1861 through 1891 were destroyed prior to 1922 and the Four Courts fire of June 30 that year saw most of the earlier census returns burned. The 1901 and 1911 returns survived the fire (they were in a different building) and because no other census is available they have been released to the public earlier than would normally have been allowed.

The church authorities also took the occasional census for their own purposes. They tend to be patchy in their coverage but if you are lucky enough to be in the right area they can be an invaluable resource.

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1766 religious census Taken by the Church of Ireland, the original was destroyed in 1922 but a transcript for the diocese of Cloyne has survived.

1842 census of Midleton: A census was taken of the parish of Midleton by the then parish priest the Rev. William Keane. The census records the name of every person, the maiden names of married women, address, occupation or relationship to the head of the household, and age. The original is in the hands of Canon B Troy, parish priest of Midleton, and has recently been published. There are nine Cronen (this is the spelling used consistently in the census) households and 12 more with a Cronen present.

1851 fragments: Kilcrumper, Kilworth, Leitrim, and Macroney.

1901 census: Taken Sunday, 31 March 1901. Available on microfilm through the LDS. Both 1901 and 1911 are aranged by county - district electoral division - townland.

1911 census Taken Sunday, 2nd April 1911. Available on microfilm through the LDS.

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