Cronin family of Boston, Massachusetts

My great great grandfather was Mortimer Cronin. He was born in Ireland about 1852-54 (depending on records). His parents are Daniel Cronin and Margaret O'Donoghue. Mortimer went to Boston, Massachusetts, USA where he married Anne Noonan in 1873. Anne died in 1895. Mortimer was a fireman for the Boston Fire Dept. and died in 1910. Before his death, he traveled back to Ireland to visit his family in County Cork. I am unaware of any siblings he might have had.

The name Mortimer is unusual these days. A few years ago I contacted a Mortimer Cronin in the Boston area who was not familiar with my great great grandfather, but said we had to be related - that it was a family name. He had no interest in genealogy, but told me that the family came from a place called Borlin in Bantry, Ireland. He had been there himself and said there was still family living in the area.

Researcher: Carol Lintner

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Cronin Families of Cork - Boston, Massachusetts
2004 Michael Cronin
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