Cronin family of London

well my maiden name is Cronin....my father was born in Somers Town in 1910 and was a rail man all his life, underground, restaurants on trains and lastly a goods and passenger guard....

he had three sisters, Lilian, Nelly and Mary, and two brothers Albert and Arthur...

My grandfather was Thomas Cronin and the family originally came from Cork and they were also costers...

my father died in 1970...

My auntie Lil married a Jim and lived in Westminster before emsigrating to Rhodesia...

My uncle albert became a travel agent, married margaret, and lived in borehamwood before moving to jersey

auntie mary never married and lived in Euston

auntie nelly married uncle jim and lived in Kentish Town

uncle arthur lived in borehamwood and sold cars

there are many branches of the cronin family from the above unions

Researcher: Sylvia Dixon

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Cronin Families of Cork - Cronin of London.
2007 Michael Cronin
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