Cronin family of killeagh and conna

Family group sheet 1

Husband: Thomas CRONIN
Born: 1799, Clonmult
Married: approx mid 1820s
Died: 30 July 1871 (bur. Clonmult)
Husband's Father: Thomas CRONIN
Husband's Mother: Mary DRISCOL

Wife: Catherine KINERY
Born: 1808
Died: 15 July 1870 (bur. Clonmult)

Carrigmore House
Carrigmore House in 1961, as it would have been in Cronin times.


Given Names Born Married Died Notes
Patrick c1826 Margaret Slattery, c1869 20 Dec 1895 Probably lived at Ballymakeigh from the time of his marriage but the property stayed in the name of his father. When Thomas died in 1871 both Lishglasheen and Ballymakeigh went to Patrick. They did not have any children. Patrick died in 1895 leaving a will of 2,000, the farm at Ballymakeigh went to his brother Michael, the balance to his wife. Margaret lived into her 90s and died in the late 1930s, the property then went to the abbey at Mt. Melleray.
Mary   William Cashman, 12 Feb 1861   No address was given for William Cashman in the Conna parish register but it is probable he came from the Conna / Tallow area. There was a Michael Cashman who farmed at Mogeela, died 1806, his land was later held by James Cunningham, husband of Mary Kiniry and probably the uncle of Patrick, Michael and Mary Cronin. Mary and William Cashman did not have any children but appear as sponsors at the baptism of some of the Carrigmore children.
Michael Thomas 18 Apr 1830 Margaret Hurley, 12 Jul 1870 20 Nov 1908 Held the castle farm at Spikle 1867-c80 and inherited his father's farm at Carrigmore, 1871. He also inherited the Ballymakeigh farm (by then 161 acres) from his brother, Patrick, in 1895. When probate of his will was granted in 1910 the value of the estate was 1,997. The Hurley family owned a tuck mill (a type of laundry) and some farmland at Behernagh Lower, near Rathcormac.


Family group sheet 2

Husband: Michael Thomas CRONIN
Born: 18 Apr 1830, Killeagh
Married: 12 Jul 1870
Died: 20 Nov 1908 (bur. Clonmult)
Husband's Father: Thomas CRONIN
Husband's Mother: Catherine KINERY

Wife: Margaret HURLEY
Born: c1850, Behernagh
Died: 24 Jan 1924 (bur. Clonmult)
Wife's Father: Thomas HURLEY
Wife's Mother: Kate FITZGERALD

Margaret Cronin
Margaret Cronin (nee Hurley)


Given Names Baptised Married Died Notes
Catherine Maria 21 Aug 1871 Michael O'Donoghue, 11 Feb 1902 1 Dec 1965 Married at St. Patrick's Church, Cork by Fr P.D. Cronin, following her marriage lived at Greenfort, near Blarney. Michael was the son of Daniel O'Donoghue.
Thomas Michael 1 Jun 1874   21 Dec 1884 Attended Conna national school but died aged 10.
Mary Margaret 3 Jun 1875   10 Jun 1875  
Patrick David 18 May 1876 20 Jun 1900 16 Aug 1940 Educated St Coleman's, Fermoy, and St Patrick's college, Maynooth. Ordained at St Coleman's Cathedral, Cobh by Bp Robert Browne of Cloyne. Served as curate at St Mary's, Whifflet, Lanarkshire, Scotland 1900-1906 before returning to the dioceses of Cloyne. Curate at Rockchapel, Abbeyfeale, 1906-1912; Cloghroe, Inniscarra, 1912-1918; Glanworth, 1918-1922; Banteer, 1922-1931; Donoughmore, 1931-1939; buried in Conna churchyard. He had a reputation of being something of a rebel and did not get on with the bishop.
John Alphonsus 9 Aug 1877 Mary Flavin, 17 Feb 1917 18 Jun 1951 Worked at the Hurley washing mill, Behernagh from about 1908. On the death of the last Hurley male (David) in 1909 both the mill and adjacent farmland were transferred to his name. In 1911 he purchased a farm at Garrymore, near Killeagh, but continued to live at Behernagh until shortly before he was married in 1917. At the same time as John's move to Garrymore, Behernagh was transferred to Mary Ennis (nee Hurley). The mill closed after the army left Fermoy in 1921. Under the 1917 family settlement he got both Garrymore (186 acres) and Castlerichard (54 acres), livestock comprised 50 head of cattle, 8 horses, and 50 sheep. Married at Queenstown (cobh) by Fr P.D. Cronin. He lived at Garrymore from 1917 until his death, buried at Killeagh. Mary died 3 March 1923, bur Killeagh.
Mary Margaret 30 Dec 1878 Robert McKillop, 18 Apr 1907   Married at Conna by Fr P.D. Cronin. Robert McKillop described himself as a merchant, son of Alex McKillop, gentleman. They moved to Scotland after the marriage and were living at Airdee, near Glasgow, in 1917.
Anne Mary 30 Mar 1880 Edmund Gallagher, 30 Apr 1919 3 Feb 1954 Married at Conna by Fr P.D. Cronin. Ned Gallagher, son of Daniel Gallagher, was both farmer and postmaster at Glanworth. He died in 1954.
Margaret Mary 5 Oct 1881   17 Oct 1903 Died of typhoid fever.
Timothy Matthew 25 Feb 1883 Nora Flavin, 1 Dec 1917 27 Feb 1952 Educated at St Colmans College, Fermoy, and Edinburgh University, where he studied veterinary science. Some reports say he graduated with honours, others, he did not graduate, but whichever is correct he had returned by 1917 to take up farming at Ballymakeigh. Married at Queenstown (cobh) by Fr P.D. Cronin. Died at Ballymakeigh, buried at Killeagh. His obituary notes that he gave support to the republican cause during the war of independence. Nora was the daughter of Stephen and Bridget Flavin of Coolaha and sister of Mary Flavin, wife of John Cronin.
Thomas Basil 14 Jun 1885   28 Sep 1885  
Michael Joseph 27 Oct 1886 Mary Ahern, 15 Apr 1920 19 Jan 1942 Purchased a 54 acre property at Castlerichard, near Killeagh in 1909 but probably never farmed it. Following the deed of family settlement in 1917 this property was transferred to his brother John (who had a neighbouring farm at Garrymore) in return for the Carrigmore farm. Like his brother John he also ran a laundry business called the Bluebell laundry located in Hollyhill, Rathcormac, it closed in 1921. Married at St. Peter & Paul's Cork by Fr Denis O'Connor. Served for some time as a rural district councilor. Died in hospital at Fermoy aged 55, buried in Clonmult.
Thomas Mary 11 May 1890 Susannah O'Keeffe 31 Jan 1983 Graduated Edinburgh University as a medical doctor, practised medicine for some time in England before returning to farm at Ballyroberts (near Castlelyons). Retired to Mulingar, co. Westmeath c1953. The O'Keeffe family were from Shanballymore

Killeagh properties

Ballymakeigh: The earliest evidence of a CRONIN at Ballymakeigh is in the tithe applotment books which list a Thomas CRONIN there in 1834 on 116 acres, this could be either the Thomas listed above or his father. As Patrick, the eldest son of Thomas jnr., was born in the mid 1820s it seems likely they were there at least since then and possibly longer. On Griffiths valuation of 1852 the property was little changed, Thomas Cronin was the landholder (Thomas Cronin sen. died at Ballyard in 1844), the landlord was John Courtenay of Ballyedmond (one of the largest estates in Cork). Thomas was also listed as landlord of two houses on Ballymakeigh, one of which was unoccupied. There was another Thomas CRONIN listed as holding 98 acres in the townland of Ballynacarriga but it is not know if this was the same person, that Thomas was not listed on the next valuation.

Sometime between 1851 and 1855 Thomas CRONIN and his family moved to Carrigmore but retained 'ownership' of Ballymakeigh, it is possible Patrick, then in his mid 20s, may have stayed at Ballymakeigh. The two small rented houses were gone by the early 1860s. Patrick succeeded Thomas as landholder of both Ballymakeigh and Lishglasheen c1870. in 1874 he acquired an additional 44 acres, formerly held by William Ahern, which was added to Ballymakeigh. The valuation records note that the house at Ballymakeigh was 'down' by 1883 and that the other buildings were dilapidated.

On the death of Patrick in 1895 Ballymakeigh went to his brother Michael of Carrigmore and was purchased under the terms of the land act shortly before his death in 1908 for 2,300 with repayments of 80 per annum. When probate of the will of Michael Cronin was granted in 1910 the valuation had been written down to 1250. In 1917 it came into the ownership of Timothy CRONIN as part of the deed of family settlement, at that time the only livestock listed were six horses.

Lishglasheen: In 1865 Thomas CRONIN purchased a farm (his third) previously held by Francis Drew Campion, comprising about 140 acres split between the townlands of Lagile, Moanlahan, Killeagh Gardens and with a house in Lishglasheen (the landlord was Sir William de Capell Brooke). It is probable Patrick and his wife Margaret lived here but possible also that Thomas and Catherine moved here shortly before Catherine died.

On Patrick's death Lishglasheen remained with Margaret and was later purchased under the terms of the land act (finalised in a deed dated 2nd April 1931). Margaret lived to be over 90, she left the property to the abbey of Mt Melleray when she died in the late 1930s.

Conna properties

Carrigmore: In the early 1850s Thomas CRONIN acquired a second farm at Carrigmore, Conna of 159 acres on a year to year lease from the Duke of Devonshire. The most likely reason for the move was that Catherine had family in this area, a brother and sister both in the Mogeela area and possibly another sister near Conna. The property passed to Michael Thomas CRONIN on the death of his father and in 1880 another 98 acres, previously belonging to John Macbeth, were added to the farm. The details of this deal, which allowed Macbeth to remain as a tenant, are recorded in the Lismore estate application books.

In 1917 Carrigmore went to Michael Joseph (Joe) CRONIN at which time the following schedule of livestock was recorded: 33 milch cows, 34 calves, 6 horses, 7 sows, and 24 bonhams. It was purchased under the terms of the land act in 1929 for 1600, repayable ove a 60 year term. The farm was gradually broken up during the 1930s and 40s, Bridepark was sold to Henry Rose, Cooladurragh to Edward Buckley, and the northern part of Carrigmore to Michael Leahy. In 1946 Joe's widow, Mary, sold Carrigmore (by then 110 acres) to Patrick Barry.

Spikle: In 1867 Michael Thomas CRONIN acquired the castle farm at Spikle (near Conna castle) in his own name but probably continued to live at Carrigmore. The farm of 143 acres was leased from L'Estrange and was not part of the Lismore estate. In the early 1880s, at the time of the 'land wars', the farm was lost to Thomas Flynn. It has been said that no Cronin would ever talk to a Flynn since.


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