Cronin family of Timoleague & Dublin

My name is Fionan James Cronin and I was born in Dublin on 16/12/1943.

My father was Michael John Cronin, born in Timoleague, West Cork. His family moved to Mount Brown, Dublin, early in the last century. Mtchael joined the D.M.P. (Dublin Metropolitan Police) as a young man and transferred to the Garda Siochana(Irish Police) when they took over policing duties around 1926. He died in 1983. He married my mother, Agnes Poole, in 1941. His first wife died of T.B. only a few months after their marriage.

His father,my grandfather, Florence Cronin, was in the R.I.C.(Royal Irish Constabulary) and was married to Mary Desmond (also from Cork) Florence had only 1 brother. The story in the family is that Florence wanted to join the Franciscan order against his mother's wishes. She asked her other son to go in and get that fella out. He went in to the Franciscan abbey, talked his brother into going home, and stayed himself, becoming Brother Leo, whom I faintly remember when I was very young. He was at that time attached to the Capuchin Order of Franciscans in Church Street in Dublin. Florence and Mary had 3 sons- Michael (my father) Gerard and Francis and 2 Daughters - Muriel and Vera . All are deceased.

My father had some cousins in Cork City and in Cobh, County Cork.

I have heard of Cronins in County Kerry who seem to be related, as they have a story of a past generation who had a dispute over land with a family named Barrow. My father had the same story.

My father also used to talk about cousins called Desmond (his mother's family) who had gone to the U.S. He used to write to them many years ago but had lost touch.

Researcher: Fionan J. Cronin

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Cronin Families of Cork - Cronin of Timoleague & Dublin.
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