Cronin family of Buttevant, Malta, & London

My grandmother, Mary (Marie) Cronin was born in March 1901 (we think) in Ballybeg, Buttevant, co Cork (My mother has also heard of Battwang but there is no record of that town/village.) Her father was John Cronin but we do not know her mother's name or siblings-names or how many.

Mary Cronin went to Malta at some point - possibly late 1920s - and in 1930 had a daughter and possibly a son before or after the daughter. Mary Cronin left Malta 1937/38 and went to London. She took her daughter with her but left her son in Malta. Mary died in Bournemouth England, 1959. If any of this rings any bells for anyone I would really like to hear from them.

Through research I did discover that A John Cronin of Ballybeg, Buttevant died on Aug.6, 1909 and his wife was Hannah - have no idea if this was her father or not.

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Cronin Families of Cork - Cronin of Buttevant, Malta & London.
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