Annotated Blogroll


(an old-fashioned list of personal favourites - blogs and research links having to do

with memory and technology are listed on the blog proper)



Harvest Bird

My poet laureate. If I could write like her, I’d be doing it all the time and people would have to feed me and bathe me (and sleep me).


Public Address

A community of New Zealand bloggers, captained by Russell Brown: the blogfather, ‘Il miglior blogger’ (T.S. Eliot).


The Fundy Post

The ineffable yet affable Paul Litterick. Quardle oodle ardle wardle doodle.


Robyn’s Secret Passage

Author of my favourite year-end post of 2008 and all-round terrific blogger.


Sit Down, Man, You’re a Bloody Tragedy

The most literate, smartest blog outside of Aotearoa. Has astonishing hair.


Socialism and/or Barbarism

The most literate, smartest blog outside of Aotearoa and the UK.  You can tell where this is going, don't you?


The Hand Mirror

A community of New Zealand feminist bloggers. Includes Deborah, of In a Strange Land most deserved fame.


Art and My Life

I have a thing for self-explanatory blog titles. (Like the title of my blog, you know.)


Just Lost Interest

Jake has a blog. Or does he?


The Curmudgeonly

Lots of high-quality mudgeonry. Random sample from the current offering: "Tony Blair has consulted Lonely Planet and found that Sierra Leone is "one of their top ten to visit in 2009". Better yet, you can fly there in six hours, thus helping to preserve Tony's paradigm-busting, kaleidoscope-smashing legacy of helping the little brown people while saving the little blue planet."   


ads without products

An American writer in London.  Remarkably, the blog is as good as its title.


Reading the Maps

Accounts for 85% of the country's output of political and historical bloggage. A national treasure.



Paul, like Deborah, is one of the plants we have deployed in Aussie to keep an eye on our neighbours. 



The gentle and wonderful Stephen Judd. In spite of the blog’s title, he vents very little.


Object Dart

Che Tibby: He doesn’t like Dickens or Philip Dick. Being employed in the public sector, he’s not allowed to write about politics or policy. So why you would want to read his blog, is beyond me.


Frugal Me

Stephen and Che on how to live within your means. Well, at least their means, I guess.


The Imaginary Museum

Jack Ross's blog about poetry and writing.


Mosehouse Studio

Bronwyn Lloyd's craft blog. Bronwyn and Jack also run the remarkable Pania Press.


Feminist SF: The Blog!

Did I mention I have a thing for self-explanatory blog titles?


The Wellingtonista

Self-explanatory blog titles: me like.


Funerals and Snakes

In between watching every film commercially released in Wellington, Dan Slevin finds the time to take issue with Fritz Lang and interview Richard Jenkins. Not a bad gig, in other words.


Second Sight

Philip Matthews’ film blog. This entry will give you some idea.


Love is a Symbol

Merc’s art and poetry. Handle with care.


Woman Wandering

A New Zealand photographer in Europe.


Put 'em all on an island

Uroskin. Self-styled ‘member of the scorched army whose rubric is sodomy’ - that must mean he has an agenda. He’s also the reason why I haven’t subscribed to Adsense yet.


No Right Turn

Idiot/Savant knows his shit. And his shit has mainly to do with New Zealand politics.


Fighting Talk

Lyndon Hood: political animal, satirist, graduate. 


A Pelt, a shrub, a soil sample

Believe it or not, this person travelled to the bottom to the page and decided to apply for inclusion in what is quite possibly the least read blogroll on the planet. He reckoned it couldn't hurt, but I bet it could actually syphon readers away from his blog. Anyhow, he's a Christchurch poet and critic and seems nice enough. Part of me wishes he had less hair.


Chase me, ladies, I'm in the cavalry

Persistently funny, to the point of annoyance.







If your blog is not on this list and you’d like it to be included, emailing me (making sure you include the URL) will do you absolutely no good whatsoever.