A Newbies guide to the arkMOO
Written by an Idiot, for a Newbie

Right, first you need a MOO client. TkMOO is the best, because it's the one I use.

Now, connect yourself up to the arkMOO at arkmoo.jarai.org at port 7777

Okay, all going well, you should be greeted by

                        _         _    __  __  ___   ___
                       / \   _ __| | _|  \/  |/ _ \ / _ \
                      / _ \ | '__| |/ / |\/| | | | | | | |
                     / ___ \| |  |   <| |  | | |_| | |_| |
                    /_/   \_\_|  |_|\_\_|  |_|\___/ \___/

                               WELCOME DATACOMP

                             arkmoo.jarai.org 7777

                For assistance either now or later, type `help'

you can connect as a guest if you don't have a user account yet.

> Connect guest

This will give you the title of Bozo_Guest on the arkMOO.

Right, now you're connected, up and running. What do you do? Well, you could explore around, or you could go find where people are hanging out.


This will give you a list of who is connected, how long, and most importantly where they are.

Player name        Connected    Idle time    Location
-----------        ---------    ---------    --------
Bozo_Guest (#195)  3 minutes    0 seconds    The Futplex Bruhouse
JoeBay (#8805)     59 minutes   8 seconds    The Futplex Bruhouse
beable (#7806)     2 hours      2 minutes    The Futplex Bruhouse
talysman (#953)    an hour      4 minutes    The Futplex Bruhouse
Manfire (#445)     2 hours      6 minutes    The Futplex Bruhouse
jwgh (#369)        3 hours      24 minutes   The Futplex Bruhouse
LaMaupin (#8982)   15 hours     44 minutes   The Futplex Bruhouse
Bee (#8375)        6 hours      an hour      A.r.k Hostel Bunk Room
Tam (#543)         11 hours     11 hours     Club Tam
buettner (#401)    9 days       2 days       The Futplex Bruhouse

So, in this example, all the action is going on at the Futplex Bruhouse. So pick the name of anyone that is currently in the Bruhouse, and join them like so:

>@join jwgh

So now you should be in the Bruhouse. You want to communicate your happiness at succeeding at getting this far. There are a couple of ways to do this.

>say I'm really happy to be here.
You say, "I'm really happy to be here."

or instead of having to write say, just type one "

>"I'm really REALLY happy to be here.
You say, "I'm really REALLY happy to be here."

Speaking to a specific person is slightly different from just saying something. Type -Name

>-Beable Are you a Good Witch, or a Bad Witch?
Bozo_Guest [to beable]: Are you a Good Witch, or a Bad Witch?

If you don't want anyone else in the room to hear what you are saying to someone, you need to whisper it.

>whisper "I want to have your children." to buettner
You whisper, "I want to have your children." to buettner.

Or perhaps you need to express your feeling more physically...

>emote hugs buettner a little longer than a mere friend would.
Bozo_Guest hugs buettner a little longer than a mere friend would.

Often there are times of great silence in the arkMOO, when everyone else is busy reading an article, or playing solitaire, or coding, or downloading porn. For whatever reason, they are not replying to you. This is a good time to do some exploring. Take a look around.

The Futplex Bruhouse
You're in the Futplex Bruhouse.  A small blues band plays in the corner.  As
 the smell of good beer wafts over you you glance over the various awards for
 brewing excellence that adorn the walls.  Type 'ask bartender for menu' to
 see what's currently available.
--> You can go [ne] to go back out to Futplex Ave, [s]outh to go to the rest
 room, or [d]own to the pool room.
  The bartender stands behind the bar, ready to take your order.  A bag of
 treats (not for wackyparsing) lies on the bar.  You thought you saw something
 pink and round at the corner of your eye, but you can't see it now.  The
 giant killer commie robot towers over you.  An unruly crowd looking for
 trouble fills most of the area.
You see Comfy Beer-Proof Sofa, Paul's printer, Paul's computer, fortune
 submission doodad, television, Police alarm button for Futplex Bruhouse,
 Barcalounger, PDQ word game, Traskmobile, paulizer, brazen body,
 Generalissimo V. Tablecloths, brazen head, smoking heap of ashes, and
 Observable van Polasm here.
JoeBay, TomK, BEABLE, jwgh, Nicko, Manfire, LaMaupin, nonane, Kerri, buettner,
 and Bozo_Guest are here.

Directions for walking to other rooms comes first, then a pile of junk that is the objects in the room to play with, and finally a list of everyone in the room. Lets have fun with the Brazen Head.

>look brazen head
An artificial head, made entirely of brass. It contains a complicated
 mechanism of gears and levers. It is wearing a cool pair of sunglasses.

>examine Brazen Head
brazen head (aka #6618, brazen head, and head)
Owned by Dag.
An artificial head, made entirely of brass. It contains a complicated
 mechanism of gears and levers. It is wearing a cool pair of sunglasses.
Obvious verbs:
 mount/put head on <anything>
 start/activate head
 g*et/t*ake head
 d*rop/th*row head
 gi*ve/ha*nd head to <anything>

It seems the fun things to do with the head are to mount it, and to activate it.

>activate head
The brazen head says, "mex"

SEE! The Head knows all! It can tell you what's for dinner! OBEY THE HEAD!

So let's review the commands for today:

whisper "something" to anyone

And if Beable offers you a ride on his bicycle, JUST SAY NO!