Justin Summerton

In his latest exhibition, emerging young artist Justin Summerton harnesses the raw energy of New Zealand landforms and coastlines with the texture of his paint.  


He captures and intensifies this power with layers upon layers of dense oils, culminating in a landscape painting that is far from traditional, and referring to the New Zealand landscape with a fresh perspective.

-Warwick Henderson Art  Gallery



Following the success of his first exhibition at the Warwick Henderson Gallery, the November 2000 show by Summerton took us further into his utopian New Zealand through intensive details and a maturity in his application and technique.  Many works are on a larger scale than he has previously done, indicating a significant development in his work.

Although Summerton is using the same general locations as subject matter for these recent works, his focus has changed from an overall ‘primeval’ landscape to developing more defined areas such as viewpoint, atmosphere and perspective.  

Summerton says, "…I sometimes subtly alter perspective to vitalize the forms of cliffs or undulating hills, to relate clouds to the forms of the land."

This is a very innovative body of works from the popular young Artist", says Gallery administrator Pania Lincoln, “his intensive application of oils builds layers of colour and texture that give the works a visual and literal 3-dimentional quality that is unique.”




Born Liverpool, England. "I was actually born in The Wirral not Liverpool -  a river separates the two, yet they are worlds apart." 


Family emigrated to New Zealand, settled in New Zealand


First year at Otago University


Studio flat St Clair Esplanade, Dunedin.  Early experiments with oils, mainly ocean-scapes   


First solo exhibition, O'Brooks Gallery, The Octagon, Dunedin


Traveled to Liverpool.  Rented a studio at the Bluecoat Chambers and worked on Liverpool city-scapes.  Painted and explored Paris, and then Copenhagen, Denmark, where he was commissioned to paint a mural   


Completed Bachelor of Arts, Otago University


Solo exhibition at the Carnegie Gallery: paintings and photographic studies of England and Europe.   


Went to America.  Exhibited in Detroit.  Began "live painting" in central park, New York City.  Continued Street painting in Nice in the Cote De Azure, South of France


U.S.A, the West coast.  Worked out of a log cabin in Mendocino, Northern California.  Exhibited in San Francisco


Sydney, Australia, studio in Redfern.  Exhibited in a group show at the Nexus Gallery, Darlinghurst.  Contributed a photo-montage study to the first Australian auction of contemporary photography at the Wemyss Gallery


Painting and photo-montage studies of Tenerife (Canaries), Spain, Portugal, London (live painting at Leister Sq)


Based at Karekare


Group exhibition 'Beyond Beauty', Peters Muir Petford Gallery, Queen St, Auckland   

1999 - 2000  

Part of Millennium and America's Cup group show at Warwick Henderson Gallery, Auckland


Solo show "Primeval New Zealand Landscapes" at Warwick Henderson Gallery. Auckland


Solo show "New Works"  at Warwick Henderson Gallery. Auckland