Squamous cell carcinoma in the feet of large black dogs

I am writing this note to help any dog owner who may have a loved pet with this condition

I am told that it is extremely rare and little is known about it, this has been terribly difficult for us as we struggle with the unknown.

My beautiful standard Poodle "Francois' has suffered terribly with this carcinoma and has had to have three of his toes  amputated over a period of 18 months.

We do not know whether this condition will go away or whether he will just have so many toes amputated he will now longer be able to walk, this is of course a horrible prospect.

We have had his lungs tested and so far the cancer has not metastasized for which we are very grateful 

I am taking extreme care to keep his toe nails very short so they will not sustain any damage that will turn to the cancer 

The  last episode of a cancerous toe was in June 2005 and I am beginning to dream that maybe it will not happen again.

If I can help in any way or you can give me any information I would be very grateful

My email address is dariandaze@hotmail.com