For love 



This page is a tribute to my beloved miniature poodle Shakti who  was my dearest friend and my love for 11 1/2 years from March 1989 until 3rd September 2000.   

Shakti  was a wise soul who came to be with me during my times in the slough of dispair

She was by my side during my marriage breakup - during my times of being very ill and there was a time when Shakti and I had a little home of our own and it was one of the happiest times of my life.

Eventually she became so ill that for the love of her,  I needed  to have her put to sleep and break my heart in the process

Here are some photo's of her


A tiny baby - this is a very small shoe

This photo was taken when she was just a young person

Playing with me in the snow

Oh how I loved my little one


this one was taken a few days before she died a  little old lady,  almost completely blind and in terrible pain.


At this stage  she was full of terrible drugs that enabled her to be able to sit up and to move but this could not continue.


I loved her so much that I had to make the terrible decision to put her out of her pain.


If we dare to love we risk the pain of loss and grief.


'Let not your heavy heart be troubled

In my fathers house there are many mansions

If it were not so I would have told you

I go  to prepare a place for you And if I go now and prepare a place for you

I will come again and receive you unto myself

That where I am you may be also'.

John 14-1-3


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