Who am I??

Well that is a long story

I once had a story about myself on my home page but this was abused.

One can easily ignore the 'bad' stuff about the net,  but  I now have a face to put to  the unpleasant aspects of the world wide web.

It is unpleasant to  have  oneself and one's dearly loved family exposed to that sort of thing.

Because of this I will no longer have my family photographs available to view which is a shame.

AND - for now I shall not build too much on who I am - suffice to say that I am  -

a keen Family Researcher - 

a Mum - 

a Grandmother 

A great grandmother

And a loyal Friend.

It is my belief that we must think Globally and act locally and so I work to be of service in my community

I care very much about humanity and my work encompasses this care.




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