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My Family Research.

My Tribute to 'Shakti'

Squamous cell carcinoma in the feet of large Black dogs

David J Grove MS.

BALL family research.

BENNETT Family Research.

GOLDSMITH Family Tree.

A Guide to research in South Africa.

An excellent site for South African research www.genealogy.co.za

Interested in the BENNETT name http://familyhistory.portland.co.uk/bennett_index.html

The following lists contain 1000's of URL's that pertain to Genealogy research

Dafanie's list Family History Research URLS

Bryan's   http://www.mawer.clara.net/webaddresses.htm

Christine and John's  http://www-personal.umich.edu/~cgaunt/gen_web.html

Simon's   Simons List

Heathers List Heathers URLS

More Maritime links and some British history time lines Great Maritime links

My Page 'A guide to research in South Africa'  was voted 'site of the day' by Family Tree Magazine www.familytreemagazine.com


Are you interested in taking personal responsibility for your health? If so I recommend Lyn, the 'Vitamin Lady's' web pages and service, she has been a wonderful help to me over the years   http://www.vitaminlady.com/


And God created the Whenua 

It is the land the sea and the sky

and it is US

The Whenua is sacred

Defilement is not a part of God's plan

We must therefore be personally responsible

and defend Mother Earth 

and all her creatures

Large and Small



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