When building an aeroplane from plans, and when constrained by a budget, a lot of work goes into sourcing bits and pieces.

Along the way I have had some terrible experiences with lousy suppliers. Fortunately I have also had some great experiences.

Below is a list of suppliers I have used for various things. I hope this will help in avoiding bad suppliers, help support the good ones and also help builders find things. Not all are necessarily the cheapest but the are all great people to deal with. I hope it helps.

  Name Contact email / website
Aircraft Builders' parts - General Wicks Aircraft Supply - US
  Aeroware - New Zealand
Bearings Auckland Bearing Distributors - AKL
Clothing (Nomex - for test flying) Flighthelmet - US
Electronic Components / Connectors Mouser Electronics - US
  Digikey Electronics
  Radio Spares - AKL
Engine Monitor and encoder Rocky Mountain Instrument - US
Engraving (Data Plate) Ace Engravers - AKL
Exhaust  Metallic Ceramic coating High Performance Coatings - US - AKL - MELB
Fuel Valves/Gascolators Andair - UK
Falco parts Sequoia Aircraft Corp (of course!!) - US
Leather Supplies Dyetech - CHC
Plastic (Raw material) Plus Plastics - AKL
Starters Skytec (This guy way great!!) - US
Undercarriage leadscrew parts Motion Technologies (Nook Industries) - Aus
Wood - Aircarft grade Spruce Western Aircraft Supplies - Canada