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Here are some MORE examples of some Falco builders craftsmanship from around the world.



One of the first Falco's to be 'homebuilt' was this one built by Syd Jensen in New Zealand. This aeroplane, after 8 years with Graeme Hodge, is now owned by Luciano Nustrini's son, Giovanni. Falco's definitely run in this family !!

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I-ELZA These two pictures are of a factory built Falco. Owned by Mauro Balli, this Falco was built by Laverda and modified with a Nustrini canopy.
I-ELZA Thanks to Richard Kaiser for these pictures.
G-OCDS Here is another beautiful Factory built Series II Falco, G-OCDS owned by Oliver Barth of Germany.
G-OCDSOliver Barth Airbourne G-OCDS was built by Aviamilano in 1958 as SN 114 and was powered by a Lycoming O-320 A3A turning a Hartzell  constant speed prop.


Oliver has upgraded the engine to an O-320-B3B (160 HP). "I saw an average increase in airspeed of 11(!) knots", said Oliver "At 2000ft with 23/2300 I can now fly next to a SF260 with 22/2300 setting in the SF 260. Not bad"

Yellow !!New interior

Oliver has just refurbished the interior and painted the exterior of his Falco.. G-OCDS now looks like this.

Nice job Oliver... It looks faster --  I LOVE it !!



G-BYLL in England.

A Sequoia Falco, this aircraft featured in a magazine article and also won a building award in the UK


Another angle of this lovely machine.