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Here are some examples of some Falco builders craftsmanship from around the world.

Luciano Nustrini's I-ERNA


The ultimate Falco expression !!

Luciano and Giuliana Nustrini pose with I-ERNA and some of 'the winnings' from 1978 alone !!. The most famous Falco, I-ERNA is a series one factory built Falco that was modified for speed, and obviously very successfully !!

Thanks to Giovanni Nustrini for this wonderful photo.

F22 being chased by Luciano Nustrini !


This is not a Falco but another Frati design, the F22 Sprint.

It is however being followed by Luciano Nustrini in I-ERNA.

I doubt Luciano was used to going this slow !!


Here are a couple of great shots of the latest Falco to be built in England. Built by Clive Garrard, David Nowill and Gordon Blunt. This Falco won a building award in England.



Note the higher 'standard' canopy used on this lovely machine.

Thanks to Ed. Hicks for supplying these great shots.

Lynette Zuccoli's Falco

The first Ozzie Falco.. This is Lynette Zuccoli's Falco.

Built for the late Guido Zuccoli by Wayne Milburn.


Wayne Milburn taking my wife Vicki for a fly in Lynette's Falco. A difficult picture to take when it screems past with no warning !!

Toowoomba 2002
Toowoomba 2002 lineup
More Toowoomba fun
Fun in the Toowoomba Sun !!

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