The Kits

As you may or may not be aware, the Falco is sold as a series of smaller kits rather that one large kit. This gives you the ability to make parts yourself and to spread the cost over many kits rather than one large outlay. I elected to build my own wooden parts and buy most metal parts. This would make it more affordable for me as the dollar exchange rate down here in New Zealand is far from fantastic !! As it turned out I made a fair few of the metal parts too.

For the wood part I purchased a "wood to size" kit from Western Aircraft Supplies in Canada. The quality of the spruce I received was great and having all the wood cut to the required sizes saved me a lot of time machining wood. I believe this is a very cost effective way of buying the wood if electing to build the wood parts yourself.

The "wood to size" kit ( excluding spar material ). It doesn't include the ply.

If you were to buy the wood parts the kits required would be:

  • #201 Wing Spars Kit
  • #205 Wing Ribs
  • #302 Fuselage Frames
  • #402 Tail Group Spars
  • #405 Tail group Ribs
  • #102 Partial Spruce Kit

The partial spuce kit is the "wood to size" kit minus the spruce for the parts in the above kits. You can see that buying the wood kits can save a LOT of time but the cost in $$$ is significant.

For me, I purchased only a few metal part kits:


I have found the kits to be of average quality. It certainly isn't the cheapest aircraft to build but spreading the payments makes it easier and since you don't have to buy all the kits it gives you flexibility. Now to build some wooden parts.