Flying Visits

Now that the Falco is finished, Vicki and I intend to visit many places around New Zealand and report back on good places to visit. Its mainly based on the $100 hamburger idea and therefor most places below feature a cafe or similar. The intent is to give local readers a place to go to make their flying more enjoyable rather than just burning a hole in the sky for the hell of it. Hopefully it will get your partner a little more involved too.

One thing I need to say here is that Vicki and I are vegetarians.. What this means is that we do get a bit fussy with food selection, for instance we insist on soy milk being available for coffee. You can be sure that we always go for quality food. All our friends enjoy where we take them so I feel certain that you won't be disappointed.

Kerikeri Airport :-   An uncontrolled airport that enjoys generally good weather (not in NE conditions) and great costal scenery.
Every last Sunday of the month Kerikeri Aero Club puts on a fly-in lunch. $5 a head gets you a great lunch (when Kevin and I visited, they had smoked fish pie with veggies and salad with chocolate pudding.. yummy!) with pleasant, friendly & hospitable local pilots.

The flight to Keri keri is fairly simple with some great scenery. Well worth the trip.

I'm sure there will be a lot more to go in here.. lets wait until summer is over and I may have more to report !

(Sorry.. no photo's.. it was raining !!  I'll get some next time)

Tauranga Airport :-   A controlled airport that enjoys good weather and pleasant costal scenery.
Tauranga is a good place for a fly-in visit as it has a great cafe on the airfield in the Classic Flyers museum.

The cafe has nice modern surroundings with an aviation theme.

The food has a good selection (Not a lot of vegetarian choice) and often has soy milk (Not available when we visited). While we didn't check the coffee (No Soy) the machine should be able to do the job so we will report back another day.

For $14 we got 2 Savouries, 2 Cakes and a soft drink. While we didn't see a menu on display, I suspect there is one but don't quote me. There is also a bar for the non-flying.

When the eating is done. $10 will get you a look around the museum. Not a huge museum but worth a visit since its not too "Airforcey' and has a some interesting Kiwinana aviation. Worth supporting.

Ready to eat !!
Great Parking

Plenty of parking nearby the museum cafe (In the background by the palm tree)

15 Aug 2005

Sorry the shot is a bit blurry but you can see the pleasant modern surroundings.In the Mood

Cafe Interior
Whitianga :- An unattended grass field just a short taxi ride from town and the beach.
While Whitianga doesn't have anything at the field itself, it is a short taxi ride in to the local shops and a great beach. It should cost you less than $10 each way for a great summers day at the beach.

Our favourite cafe is Cafe Nina. This cafe has a great menu, lots to choose from and great quality food. The coffee is great too. There is an outdoor courtyard eating area that is great for groups.

The hours in winter are a bit random and have it closed some days, so check before you go in the winter, but during summer you should manage to catch them open for a great feed.

Highly recommended.

Not immediately obvious is a Cafe!

Great fun !

A group of 'Falcoholics enjoying Cafe Nina's fare in the courtyard.