the Flaps & Ailerons


The Flaps and ailerons are built in one piece per side in order to make setting the wash-out on each a whole lot easier. I've elected to taper the spar to fit the rib contour before gluing the ribs on. I hope this will make the float sanding go a whole lot easier than on previous constructions.

The ribs are cut from 8mm Spruce on a bandsaw ( which I had been putting off buying but finally had to ) then sanded. The construction is carried out with the hinges fitted the to the spar.


Starting a flap/aileron



Just starting to fit the trailing edge ribs to the spar. Each spacer under the rib is a different thickness to achieve wash-out.


Framework completed



Basic frame construction complete ready for float sanding. My pre-shaping of the spar is now paying off.


Starting to skin



The completed Aileron/flap The completed assembly...

I've now finished both sides and I'm now onto the wings !!