Back in 1994 I had a strange moment when I decided I needed to build an aeroplane and ever since, life hasn't been the same. Television just doesn't do it for me any more and so a lot of my spare time went into the creation of what you are about to see.... The construction of Falco #1230 in Auckland, New Zealand. I don't really know what kicked me off, but if you saw an aeroplane that looked like this wouldn't you want one ??

Sean having fun.

Complete and flying. Taking Sean for a fly in a Falco.

31 Oct 2005

Fun in the Sun !!

The machine in its completed paint. This is Chris and me doing a spot of formation flying with Giovanni's Falco. Lapo took the photo.

9th May 2005

What a beautiful day !!

More of the same occasion. What a beautiful day - and a heap of fun!!

Current state

The current state .. basically finished

In line with other Falco paint schemes I have named this scheme also. I call this one the "Imola" scheme. It seemed fitting since the colour is called Imola Yellow and Imola is of course the home of the San Marino Grand Prix.

21st May 2005

Current Panel

The Current Panel. Still a work in progress but quite functional.

Comfy !!

The Interior with yellow leather.

The paperwork!!

9 1/2 years after starting.. the Certificate of airworthiness.

Left is a list of chapters in the construction of my aeroplane. Hopefully it will give you an idea of what's involved and how much fun I'm having.

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If you've built a Falco and would like everyone else to see it, e-mail me and I'll give you my address to send a picture... I'll scan it.. send the picture back and publish the picture on this web site for the world to see. Or better still, email me a digital picture.


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