ZK-TBD was the first flying example of the breed in New Zealand. Originally, it was born by Syd Jensen, a well known and successful motorbike racer.

Syd was one of the first builders to take on the Falco as a kit and first flew back in 1989. Since then, Syd has left us. The Falco was passed to Graeme Hodge who minded the Falco until its latest owner, Giovanni Nustrini, was ready to achieve his life long dream and obtain a Falco. I was fortunate enough to play a minor part in this process.  May 18th was the big day for the ownership changeover. The following day Giovanni and I took the beautiful machine from West Melton, its home of 8 years, and flew it further south to Timaru and then Wanaka for the night. The following day we departed Wanaka and flew North, past West Melton to Omaka in the top of the South Island. After a brief stop for gas and to restore blood to our rather sore posteriors, we flew across the Cook Straight to Foxpine to visit John and Jenny Lester for a short coffee stop. After almost leaving it too late we fired the Falco up and headed North to its final destination, Ardmore. ZK-TBD was rolled into its new home at Ardmore at approximately 18:00 on Monday 20th May 2002.

Sign Over

Graham Hodge (Right) signs the Falco Over to Giovanni Nustrini. Graham told me he would not have sold it to anyone else. Who can blame him.

Pre Flight

Graham showing Giovanni some of the finer points of the machine.

Going flying

Going for a fly. I'm sure this had many memories for Giovanni.

At Timaru

Sitting at Timaru after a brief (!!) first flight from West Melton.

A Happy Man

A Happy man !!  

Northbound from Wanaka.

At Omaka

The new owner at Omaka.. on its way home.. another Nustrini with a Falco !!


Its MINE !!!

TBDfinal.jpg (57541 bytes)

After a short engine rework he dicided he liked the colour scheme I originally had for my aeroplane and so this is the final result. !!


19 Jul 2002