The Upholstery

As things are now moving along quite nicely I thought it was time to start the interior. First I had to learn to sew !! (Don't tell anyone)

Makepattern.JPG (30417 bytes)

Testing a paper pattern with a test piece of material. A good chance to test my method.


12 Nov 2003

PinPattern.JPG (25189 bytes)

Cutting the Fabric piece around the pattern. Vicki say's this is just like making a dress but It can't possibly be..... can it ?


12 Nov 2003

ChalkAround.JPG (23605 bytes)

Bite the bullet and cut the leather !!  Marking with chalk.


12 Nov 2003

SewJoin2.JPG (30178 bytes)

The first nerve racking stitches through the leather.


13 Nov 2003

Inside1.JPG (54403 bytes)

The interior side panel glued in place. Still need carpet etc but not bad for a first effort.



23 Nov 2003