Other Interesting Aircraft & People.

Along the way I have had many requests for people to add pictures of their (Non-Falco) aircraft on my site. I have largely resisted, mainly due to size constraints of my website. I have finally decided to add a limited number of aircraft due to their interest value. These aircraft are in some way related, if somewhat loosely, to the Falco or its designer and therefor I feel they need a showing. A lot of the following aircraft are linked solely because they are Italian aircraft. One thing I have learnt, and I find fascinating, is the history involved in Italian aviation. Everyone knows everyone and there is a very rich history in aviation and aircraft design in Italy. It is one thing that is difficult to appreciate coming from a very young country such as New Zealand. Fascinating !!


M1.jpg (40344 bytes) This is a Rare Italian wood design called an Macchi MB308.

This particular aircraft has been restored by Alessandro Tonini of GT propellers fame. The aircraft was originally designed by Ing. Bazzocchi who designed many Macchi aircraft including the MB339 most known for its role in the Frecce Tricolori aerobatic team.


Thanks for the shots Alessandro.

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