Ulua is a 5.5 meter (18') outrigger canoe of classic Hawaiian design.  I based the design on historic
information contained in Tommy Holmes' "The Hawaiian Canoe".  It has proven to be very seaworthy
and versatile.
The structure however is very modern with the use of Vinylester resin and knitted reinforcing fabrics
hand layed into a female mold.  The outside finish is polyester gelcoat.  Floatation is provided at each
end of the main hull behind fiberglass bulkheads.  A screw out access panel and drain plug is provided
in each bulkhead.  The ama is hollow with either foam blocks or plastic bottle floatation inside.  A drain
plug is provided at the stern of the ama.
There are two timber seats provided for paddlers.  They are mounted to 3.5 meter stringers glassed to
the inside of the hull.  Two rigid crossmembers (wae) are glassed into the hull and stringers at the
crossbeam (kiato) positions.  The gunwales are varnished kahikatea as are the laminated kiatos.
Lashings at hull to kiato are polyester line while innertube rubber strips are used at the kiato to ama
connection.  The canoe can be assembled in ten minutes.