The Ulua is an 18' (5.5m) classic Hawaiian style outrigger canoe.  It is cartoppable and meant to replace some of the ubiquitous kayaks with a superior watercraft.
You can paddle it, surf it, sail it or clamp on a 2 hp outboard.  It will carry two adults with camping gear.  The sail rig uses an unstayed windsurfer mast and is easily stored on the crossbeams while paddling.
You can even stand up, move around and look over the horizon while underway. 
Two watertight bulkheads give it a high survivability quotient.
Construction is female molded biaxial fiberglass and Derakane vinylester resin.  Crossbeams, gunwales and seats are oiled timber. 
The hull weighs 64 lb (29 kg); the ama 14 lb (6.4 kg), and the crossbeams 10 lb (4.5 kg) for a total of 88 lb (40 kg).

Construction plans in strip composite are now available.

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