Gibbon's Rig Details

Note that the boom is permanently attached to the masthead.  It can also be attached to a gooseneck and track to fine tune the center of effort.  The yard is lashed to a sliding fiberglass collar around the aluminum tube boom.  The clew of the sail is fixed to the end of the boom and when the yard is hoisted the sail's draft can be adjusted with the halyard tension.  The sail can be flattened to a degree where a very high wind strength can be tolerated.

This is one possible reefing method.  A rectangular "sail cover" is wrapped around the spar and attached with sail cover hardware.  The excess area is bundled inside the fairing.

Here are two ways to reduce sail through the use of zippers.

When all else fails, you can stow the yard and hoist a jib tacked down to an eye on the gunwale.  Set the mast vertical and use the backstay to get luff tension.

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