Ulua Construction Plans

Length overall         17’ 9” (5400mm)
Hull width                 18 ” (470mm)
Overall width             6'  7"  (2000mm)
Draft                           8” (200mm) @ 400 Lb
                                  (182 Kg) Displacement
Hull weight               64 Lb (29 Kg)       
Weight fully rigged      122 Lb (55 Kg)
Sailing rig type        Tacking only
Sail area                   65 Sq Ft (6.0 Sq M)
Construction method      Strip planked composite

The Ulua design broadly resembles the classic
Hawaiian canoe with some differences. The round
bottom, which is important in the surf, performs
poorly when sailed to windward. I've added a
pivoting leeboard for lateral resistance, that can
be retracted when paddling or landing in surf.  
A steering oar or rudder can be used instead of
the traditional paddle for steering.  The Ulua
hull has a little more vee in the hull than a traditional
Hawaiian model, and this improves it’s speed and
windward sailing ability. Watertight bulkheads in
each end of the hull provide reserve buoyancy in
the event of damage or capsize. Additional reserve
buoyancy can be built in under the two seats in the
form of foam blocks or hollow storage compartments.
The hull is constructed with the strip composite
method.  The ama can be either solid foam covered
with fiberglass, or hollow and strip planked, with
foam or plastic bottles inside for emergency
floatation. The large ama is of sufficient size
to support cargo stored on the iakos along with
a crew member on the hiking seat. The sailing rig
shown is of a modern Hawaiian type. The
availability of fiberglass windsurfer masts allows for
a very simple lightweight plug-in rig which can be
 lowered entirely while at sea and stowed on the
iakos. A brailing line folds the boom and sail up
against the mast for quick furling, and avoids
dumping the sail onto the crew.

The Ulua can be paddled, sailed, surfed or powered
by a two horsepower outboard motor. It can be
configured as a single or double outrigger.  This
is capable of extended coastal expeditions,
can be car-topped to your favorite launching spot,
or carried on its side on a trailer with the ama up
in the air.

The hull can be stretched to a greater length by
increasing the spacing between the molds before
the planking begins.  You can safely increase the
hull length by 150% without any changes to the

Plans for the 18' (5.5M) Ulua outrigger sailing canoe are now available
to the homebuilder in strip composite construction.  Eight pattern
sheets include full scale patterns for the station molds and stems.
Two additional sheets show the sailplan, construction details
instructions for building a single seat paddling canoe (OC1) from the Ulua mold.

Included are additional drawings, full instructions, and a
basic course in boatbuilding skills,

All drawings are dimensioned in both Imperial and Metric units.

E-Plans only
The cost of the plans is US$95.
Upon receipt of payment you will receive a link for downloading
 the PDF files.  Full size mold patterns can be printed locally from these files.
You can still order paper plans from Duckworks.

Gary Dierking Boatbuilder
1485 Long Bay Road
Coromandel 3506
New Zealand
Phone +64 7 866 8206


Ulua can be stretched out to 27 ft (8.1 meter) through wider spacing of the mold stations  Other hull dimensions remain the same.

Martijn Nugteren's 7.2 Meter [23' 8"] Ulua built with Corecell foam and fiberglass


David Lowry's Ulua stretched to 24' 

Ted Hardie's stunning Ulua with a strip planked ama

Bill Dochnahl's Ulua stretched to 27 ft.

Michael Litter's Ulua stretched to 24 ft.

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