A 20 foot (6 meter) outrigger sailing canoe

Length  =  20 ft (6.0 Meters)
Beam of main hull = 20 1/2" (520mm)
Beam overall (single outrigger) = 9' 2" (2800mm)
Beam overall (double outrigger) = 12' 6" (3800mm)
Sail area = 80 sq Ft  (7.5 Sq M)

The Tamanu is a "three board" canoe with a flat bottom and moderate  rocker.  The hull can be quickly and easily constructed with 1/4" or 3/16" plywood.   The ama or amas can be foam and fiberglass or hollow plywood.

The most important difference between the Tamanu and my other designs is the self bailing footwells.  The hull is completely decked over making it suitable for more ambitious cruising.  The Tamanu can be configured with a single outrigger, double outrigger, or as a catamaran.

The rig style is tacking only and a kick-up rudder is mounted on the stern.  A pivoting leeboard is mounted on the side of the hull.  There are two rig options; the first can be reefed by rolling the sail around the windsurf mast.  The second option uses a stub mast that is used to raise and lower the yard and sail.

The photos show the prototype that I built in two weeks in Fiji in 2007.  The prototype has an open hull without the self bailing footwells, and the spars and sail in the photos are smaller than those specified in the plans.  

While my other designs are cartoppable, the Tamanu is almost too large and heavy to be transported on a car roof.  Heavier racks on a pickup truck or a trailer is recommended.


The construction plans consist of ten printed sheets.  Full scale patterns for the bulkheads are included.  
An accompanying CD contains illustrated instructions, a basic course in boatbuilding skills, and PDF copies of the plan sheets.

Please indicate if you want the plan sheets dimensioned in Imperial (inches) or Metric (millimeters).

The cost of the plans is US$130 plus US$15 for air mail postage.

Bank cashier's checks, Western Union, bank transfer, or credit cards through PayPal  can be used.

The cost within New Zealand is NZ$145 plus NZ$10 postage.  Call for payment arrangements inside New Zealand.

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