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Kemenkat Abyssinians


Welcome to Kemenkat Abyssinians.  We are New Zealand Cat Fancy Registered and have bred Abyssinians since 2000.


If you click on any of the photos on this site you will access a larger version.  Visit our Available Kitten page for the latest in new arrivals and to watch the kittens as they grow. We try and update the kitten photos weekly.


Kittens born 15th November. This is as last litter as we are stopping breeding to enjoy the quiet life. All are now reserved.


We have one cinnamon neuter looking for just the right pet home. See our stud page for details.


Our Abys come in four colours: Tawny (Ruddy), Cinnamon (Sorrel), Blue and Fawn.  We aim to produce healthy kittens of good type, colour and temperament which are raised in the home to be affectionate and well socialised pets. We hope you enjoy our website. 




If you wish to know more or would like to enquire about a kitten, please email us at -

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