Marble Repair and Protection

We provide the services of  Marble & Stones Repair, Marble Refinishing, Marble Restoration, Marble Polishing, and Removal of Scratches & Stains.

The primary reason to choose marble repair over replacement is the cost

Our professionally trained staff are well versed in the repairing of many marble surfaces and other items

We are able to fix most cosmetic problems this includes chips, dents, cracks and a variety of other marble & stones repairs

1984 "Island Bay Furniture Restoration"
Excellence and quality in marble restoration
Excellence and quality in marble restoration
            Marble Benchtop: After
            Foxglove Restaurant at Queen's Wharf
Marble base broken ( Before and After)
            Marble Benchtop: Before
            Marble Round Tables
Fragment of assembled base with some missing pieces
Restoration complete
Marble Dinning Table Base
Lighting Candelabra
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