We have extensive experience repairing damaged artwork in addition to cleaning, varnishing and repairing artworks damaged by neglect, age, vandalism and natural disasters.

Re-lining and re-stretching of canvases including custom stretchers

Removal and repair of water damage and mold

Canvas patching and conditioning for both front and back of canvas


Consultations: Damage quotes for insurance claims

1984 "Island Bay Furniture Restoration"
Excellence and quality in fine art restoration
Excellence and quality in fine art restoration
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Our over twenty years fine art experience and knowledge of historical paintings enables us to apply various painting techniques and styles based on the style of the artwork. 

Our restoration methodology places emphasis on preservation of artworks. That is why, when we do restoration work on any painted surface, we go out of our way to make sure that the problem we are addressing will not reappear before its time.

We do restoration and conservation work on various painted surfaces:

We work with various media such as:

and many others.
If you are interested in having your artwork evaluated for repair or cleaning, or speaking with us about our art services, you are welcome
to call us.

You can also email a photograph of your artwork (with a close-up of any damaged areas) and the dimensions of your artwork

We can bring the painting back to its original look. We are able to restore small and large tears and also performe relining to reinforce the canvas.
We are able to restore missing elements to bring a picture back to its original look.