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"Beyond Woolly Valley" is my current project.

Before anyone will give me a TV series, I have to impress the powers-that-be with a doubty pilot episode. The length and standard of this pilot has grown considerably since I first started on it so its going to be a little while yet before I have anything to show for all its development.

“Woolly Valley,” for those of you whose knowledge of NZ TV history is tragically incomplete, was a kids’ puppet show about the daily lives of the Woolly family, set on the West Coast. It was made in the 80’s, created by Jan and Dennis Howell, and written by Margaret Mahy.

“Beyond Woolly Valley” is the concept for a new show, bearing mainly a geographical resemblance to the original. Its about a group of bipedal animal kung fu prodigies living in a monastery-like dojo on top of a mountain in the Southern Alps.

The Woolly Valley Dojo is the mountain-top home of Wildcat, a harmless coward and piker. Wildcat wears the red Belt of Honour, one of four given to the dojo’s most elite kung fu fighters.

The original Woolly Valley is gone but not forgotten by all. Series-willing, special guest appearances will be made by Wally, Beaty and Tussock, characters from the puppet show rendered anew in glorious claymation.

My choice for stopmotion program for this (and all future projects) is:

My creative partner on this project is Julian Frost. He put these images together for an NZ-On-Air development fnding proposal:

The amazing "Tracking Device" and mock-ups of the Dojo.
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Some character development.
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