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Blackrobin NMR Converter for Microsoft Excel

DIFDUP JCamp-DX files can be exported from most NMR Spectometers for the purpose of encorporation into documents however conversion software is scarce. Blackrobin NMR Converter converts NMR Jcamp-DX DIF or DIFDUP files into Microsoft Chart images with the spectral referencing intact. It also acts as a basic NMR viewer / manipulator for Microsoft Excel 97 (or later versions).

Spectral coordinates can be copied and manipulated in graphing programs such as Sigma-Plot or manipulated directly in Excel using Microsoft Chart (this is handled automatically in NMR Converter), then copied and pasted into word processors such as Word. JCamp-DX Files can be directly imported into Excel from Unix systems using the build-in FTP functionality of Excel (this is handled automatically by NMR Converter).

Currently only Bruker and Varian files of the DIF and DIFDUP formats are supported. Other NMR types formats may be incorporated on request to the author. (Please send samples of files or spectra that you may wish NMR Converter to handle to

Updates will be posted at NMR Converter is free and may be distributed freely. (The Excel Source Code for NMR Converter is available at a cost of $100 USD.)

Questions or comments are welcome, email

Download NMR Converter now : (89 kb)

Requirements : MS Windows 95 or later, Microsoft Excel 97 or later

Download a sample JCamp-DX DIFDUP NMR file : 13Csample.jdx