Thomas Manning ( Senior)

Second Generation

3. George Manning 1 (Thomas ) was born in 1669. He died on 27 Sep 1733 in Corballis Castle, Rathdrum, Wicklow.

The Mannings are said to be descended from the ancient & noble family which took it's name from Maning, a town in Saxony, whence they came to England before the Conquest (1066).
Once arrived in England settled in the south of England They were at Culmstock, Yarcombe, St Saviours, Dartmouth, and George, all of Devon, Winchester in Hampshire, Essex, Suffolk, and Abt 1235at Bettreds Castle Kent and moved up at Norwich and Northampshire
There was no Mannings in Co. Wicklow's Hearth Money Roll 1669 The Manning family were in Rathdrum by at least 1707. The Mannings were gentry, capitalists, making their money through cattle farming, By linking rural production and urban consumption.
d by subleasing lands They were four areas that they orginally farmed, Meetings, Corballis, Ballyeategue and Rathdrum.
The Manning family were in Rathdrum by 1707. The parish register records that
on the 20th of January 1709 that Esther daughter of George and Elizabeth was
Baptised. In the Deaths records shows that on the 19 April 1709 Thomas
Manning Sen died. In the churchyard there is a line of graves, front row
facing away from the street, One reads "Here lies the body of George
Manning who departed this life Sept 25 1733 aged 64," the parish records
confirms this.
This would mean that George was born in 1669, Thomas senior refers to his
father born abt 1645.

George married Elizabeth. Elizabeth was born in 1675 in england.

They had the following children:

+ 4 M i Thomas Manning was born in 1697. He died on 12 Sep 1784.
+ 5 M ii William Manning was born in 1702. He died on 23 Mar 1777.
+ 6 M iii George Manning was born about 1706.
  7 F iv Esther Manning 1 was born on 20 Jan 1707 in Rathdrum. She was christened on 20 Jan 1707 in .

MANNING,Esther 20 Jan 1707 *MANNING,George & Elizabeth
  8 M v Henry Manning 1 was born on 24 May 1710 in Rathdrum. He was christened on 24 May 1710 in . He died on 24 Jul 1711 in Rathdrum.

MANNING,Henry 24 May 1710 24 Jul 1711 *MANNING,George & Eliz
  9 M vi Jeremrah Manning 1 was born on 7 Jul 1719 in Rathdrum. He was christened in Rathdrum.

MANNING,Jeremrah 7 Jul 1719 *MANNING,George & Eliza
        Jeremrah married Unknown.
  10 F vii Hellen Manning 1 was born on 7 Jan 1721. She was christened on 7 Jan 1721 in Rathdrum.

MANNING,Hellen 7 Jan 1721 *MANNING,George& Eliza

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