Recreator's Workshop


    - is about sharing a wholesome, fulfilling life
in relationship with others -

II Corinthians 5:17 

      Hi, my name is Deb Burton


Feedback is valued, the material still needs work - as do I!
So if you find anything of value on these pages, I give the glory to God for his influence on my life.
"Heart to love the world"

Welcome to my web page.

It's about 're-creation' - which means making good changes in our life... It is also about taking good old ideas and applying them in new ways... And some of this is fun and challenging - for there still exists a new frontier - inner space! Some of the ideas here can take us very deep into the very foundations of our reality.

I am a person who is passionate about personal and group growth. A creative thinker, I see growth in terms of both character and potential to do good for others. A mature person is someone who is able to think of other's needs as being as important as their own; someone who is not self focused, but loves others as much as themselves. I see growth in potential as developing personal abilities until they are available to be used to help others, and to gain a sense of fulfillment and enjoyment in doing so.

As an expression of my passion I am using my gifts to work on ways to assist people on their path to maturity and fulfillment. You're welcome to click on the page links that interest you, and see if there is anything that may help you in your personal journey to wholeness.

And of course you are welcome to comment, helpfully criticise, or suggest improvements. And if you would like to let me know if you do some of the gospel exploration, I would be glad to add stories to the page on "Getting hold of God".


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Getting hold of God
GOD and the Western World View
Beginning Revelation Study
God's Treasure Chest - Grace
The Place to Grow a Christian
Sequential Bible Curriculum
Church Structure
"But We Know Him!" A sermon
The Ministry of Reconciliation
Don't just Pray for Revival!
Everyday Evangelism
The Hard Taskmaster
Church Discipline examined
Discipleship reality journey
More to come....


Child-centred curriculum
A New Model for Intelligence
Phonics (foniks) reading lessons
Fonetik Nuuspel
Say Maori Words Right - it's easy! Kapai!
What is Purpose
Passion for Purpose
Communication Keys
Make a basic webpage
Writing development
Story writing ideas
Classroom Cultural Studies
Speech Support
More ideas to come...


Singing Guitar Lessons
Daniel's Doomsday Dreams
and Other Stories - a musical

St George and the Princess

Praying you grow well, friends, and enjoy the journey


Peace, good will to all people

Deb Burton