Hiking, is also known as bush walking, trekking, trail walking, rambling, etc., but here in New Zealand we call it `tramping` - or `going bush`.
   New Zealand is an ideal country in which to tramp; with great geographical variation - ranging from sand dunes in the winterless north, to deep fiords on the southwest coast of the South Island. In between it manages to include vast lakes, a high bleak volcanic plateau, dense ancient forests (which we call `bush`) - the beautiful Marlborough Sounds, the Southern Alps, with all their glaciers, mighty rivers and associated flood plains. 
     It is a place of incredible beauty. As a bonus, there are no dangerous animals or creatures to worry about.
   However, trampers should be prepared for the attentions of our biting sand fly, which can be a nuisance and be aware of the native stinging nettle, which can hospitalise anyone who is badly stung.
 This site is a collection of photos and brief comments covering some of the tramps that I have enjoyed in the back country of New Zealand.    Please note that with one exception, all the photos on the various pages are "thumbnails" - just click on them to see their larger images.
                                                    I hope you enjoy them.

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