The Bilevel Stud of the Month
Just so all you Lady fans of the Levels out there dont get bored of the fascinating cricket we have a special treat for you. We are proud to introduce the Bilevel stud of the month.

m a n   o f   J u l y

Marmie wasnt impressed that the sunbed was closed on sunday.
One of the reasons why richard sewell was asked to stop playing for the bilevels. We asked him to leave the country or we will report him for making his cat wear gloves.

m a n   o f   J u n e - No , have a closer look, its not the Bad boy. Bad boy never had a goatee.

Thanks for the memories Mike, Nice Mo, did you grow it yourself?
And as he states in the Womans weekly "why all those rumours about me"
At least hes better than that Holmes puller.

m a n   o f   m a y
This man turned down one of New Zealands most popular TV shows, No bull. and it wasnt 'the batchelor'
Now there if are two lovely ladies out there who want to occupy the vacant positions just email us here at the Bilevels.

Photo taken at The Golden Tiahape Motel. By Murray and Glenda, proprieters.
  t h e   b o y s   o f    s e p t e m b e r  

Sorry boys these guys are taken.
"You have such a delicate wrist stuart" says Hosiee in a soft voice.


Next Month .........Whos been a Bad boy?