r e s u l t s

Results on record.

Won 23
Lost 25
Drawn 1


21/7/02 V. canadian wolverines 127 Bilevels 20
28/7/02 V. Two Fingers 84 Bilevels 42

040802 v. Team aloha 106 Bi-levels 122
110802 v. Grumpy Old Man 114 Bi-Levels 42
180802 v. Canadian Wolverines 80 Bi-Levels 79
250802 v. Team Aloha 110 Bi-Levels 84
010902 v. the Rooters 110 Bi - Level 49
080902 v. Canadian Wolverines 72 Bi-levels 85
150902 v. team aloha 149 Bi levels 97 (game abandoned with over to spare)
220902 v. the rooters 90 Bi-levels 88
131002 v. team aloha 135 Bi levels 88
131002 v. Canadian wolverines 133 Bi levels 120
031102 semifinal v. team aloha 86 Bi-levels 84

011202 Bilevels 70 High rollers 108
051202 Bilevels 141 Shibby 45
121202 Gen I Knights 134 Bilevels 81
191202 bilevels 43 The osbournes 79
090103 Bilevels 134 The Luxford inn 66
190103 Bilevels 64 High rollers 130
240103 Bilevels 84 seek.co.nz 113 L
310103 bilevels 128 juicy jonties 78 W
130203 Bilevels 100 Gen I Knights 105 L
200203 Bilevels 99 The Luxford inn 89  W
060303 Bilevels 142 Gen I Knights 58 FINAL W

2003 Autumn  
150403 Bilevels 108 Pigs in Space 117 L
270403 Bilevels 106 I Like That 92 W
290403 Bilevels 166 Supremo Takeouts 101 W
110503 Bilevels 127 Coventry 105 W
150503 Bilevels 101 Braxton BackBenchers 108 L
200503 Bilevels 52 Pigs In Space 128 L
270503 Bilevels 69 I Like That 139  L
030503 Bilevels 96 Supremo Takeouts 118 L
100603 Bilevels 83 Monkey Spankers 74 W
Won 4   Lost 5

2003 Winter
150703 Bilevels 106 Worst Team Ever 70 W
230703 Bilevels 74 The Red Shirts 35W
030803 Bilevels 125 Worst Team Ever 90 W
050803 Bilevels 53 Supremo Takeout 64 L
130803 Bilevels 114 Thugs 120 L
310803 Bilevels 127 Street Racers 91 W
030903 Bilevels 109 Savages 134 L
100903 Bilevels 93 Got It Covered 67 W
170903 Bilevels 109 Red Shirts 109 D
280903 Bilevels 109 TBA 47W
051003 Bilevels 131 Worst Team Ever 84W
121003 Bilevels 105 Oma Rapeti 47W
151003 Bilevels 90 ONZ Desi 55W
191003 Bilevels 108 The Fisters 109 L
221003 Bilevels 168 Acetal Aces 133 W
291003 Bilevels 100 NZ Desi 97 W
051103 Bilevels 95 Savages 93 W

Ruler calculators all round, The Bilevels collect the winning spoils after being crowned champions.

L to R    Simon, Tough guy, Jessie, Sam, Luke, Corey.
Sitting     Rich, Chris Rigg.
The Autumn League 2003 - Definitive accounts of Bilevel games previous, click here to read what is now Cricket folklore of the legends of indoor cricket.

The Winter League 2003

15 July
        Bilevels 106
                        Sam 21      Luke 20   Rigg 18   John 18
                     The Worst Team Ever
                        Richard 1/-2  Corey 1/2 Tough Guy 2/5

After a poor opening partnership of just 6 The Bilevels regained compusure to amass a competitive total of 106.
However The Bilevels needed a commited effort with the ball and in the field to have any chance of victory.
Mr Rigg came out firing on all cylinders a took two bowleds in the first over, from then on the rest was formality with the Bilevels setting a new standard in the art of fielding, at times just playing with the oppisition by flicking catches to other players in the field.

23 July
        Bilevels 74
                        Corey 20      Jesse 18   Richard M 17
                     The Red Shirts 35
                        Jesse 0/-11   Tighe 2/-2  Rigg 2/-3  Richard M 1/1
After a Disaterous batting collapse that saw the opening two partnerships compile 6 runs between them after 8 overs the levels were on the block. However the Levels regained compusure to compile a mediocre 74.
What was needed was a bowling effort from Jesus.
However a deadly spell of line and length coupled by feilding of the highest quality saw the bilevels restrict the oppisition to 35.
Surly a highlight in any cricketers career.

3 August
        Bilevels 125
                        Jesse 27      Corey 24   Luke 18
                     The Worst Team Ever 90
                        Sam 0/2  Corey 1/2   R
After compiling a competitive total against the Indoor Cricket Centre regulars, the Bilevels tightened the screws with another display of exceptional fielding. This combined with previous peformances this season make this probably the best bilevel fielding unit in the history of the game.

5 August
        Bilevels 53
                       Luke 23      Corey 20  
                     Supremo Takeouts 64
                        Corey 2/-6   Luke 2/0  
Games are not won, they are only lost when playing cricket, and this was true. The greatest example of not losing your head cause it will cost the team the game was exhibited tonite. 
The bilevels had put on 68 going in to the last over, this is how the last over unfolded, 4.1.ST.ST.C.ST.

13 August
        Bilevels 114
                    Corey 28      Chris R. 21 
                     Thugs 120
                        Corey 0/1  Jesse 2/7 
A commerative occasion marking the 5th anniversary of the Bilevels Vs The Thugs. A game the Bi's should have won, but unfortunatly the bilevels failed to deliver the final blow.

31 August
        Bilevels 127                                       Debut; Damon
                   John 29  Jesse 27  Corey 23  
                     Street racers 91
                        Jesse 1/3   Damon 2/9 
There was no racing in the street tonite for these racers. Instead the levels got off to a traditionally slow start when put into bowl. Numerous wides were bowled with mr C. McMeeking bowling a complete over of wides. Andy the umpire commentated on the six wides, oh how everbody laughed..
The Bis got off to a good start through a sound opening partnership from jesse and sam and in the end the win was formality with the bilevels not even trying to win.

3 September
        Bilevels 109                                       Debut; Harvey
               Tighe 29   Corey 21 
                   Savages 134
                        Corey 2/2  Ozzie 2/11  Jessie 1/11
The bis had one of their great games outplaying the inempt oppisition for 27 of the 32 overs, a great allround effort with the bat that consisted of safe sensible cricket, playing the percentage shots to the sides backed up with a great team effort in the field, special mention t o J.Sewell who took numerous chances.. this left the savages needing to score 69 off the last 5 overs. What the bis witnessed that day will forever haunt them, the last partnership compiling 77 through punishing batting, putting the good ball for two, and punishing the bad for 7, the best batting the bis ever faced.

10 September
        Bilevels 93                                    
               Tighe 23  Sam 17
                   Got It Covered 67
                     John 1/0  Sam 1/0  Tough Guy 2/5
These guys didnt have it covered today with the levels cantering to an easy win.

17 September        Bilevels 109                                      
               John 25   Corey 24   Chris R. 20 
                   Red Shirts 109
                         Luke 2/-2
This went down as one of the great Bilevels games, tightly fought throughout and at one stage lost, the bis pulled it back from the brink with a superb display of at the death bowling frrom a Mr C. Rigg that will be remebered like Pringle bowling to Bruce Reid at Hobart in the 91 World Series. Going into the last over the Redshirts has already won the game and were on 110, The Shirts decided to play it out and played and missed the first two, the third ball was a gem, struck a good lenght, the batter squared up too it and the top of the off stump was ripped from the ground and cartrolled into the distant sun.

28 September        Bilevels 109                                      
               Chris R 25   Luke 21  
                   TBA 47
                         Corey 2/-9    Chris R 3/-5

This was one of the great wins, reduced to 7 players the levels pulled off one of the more memorable victorys.
A solid display of batting marked by authorative shots off the back foot and a disciplined outlook saw the levels to 109. there was constant pressure from the oppisition, who had a few sharp bowlers, however it was the bis bowling peformance which marked this great day. from the first over from rigg which saw two cleaned bowleds off the first two balls, heralded something special, not to be outdone the levels all
decided to bowl the other team out for fun, at the end of the innings the levels had taken 11 wickets through clean bowleds. Australian Debutant Phil McCraken made his debut for the levels.

05 October 2003       Bilevels 131                                      
                         Richard M 35   Corey  28  
                   The Worst Team Ever 47
                         Chris R 1/2    John 0/4

A very solid batting effort from the Bilevels saw them at 143 after 14 overs, this was going to push the record for highest bilevel total, but unfortunatly the last partnership lost 5 wickets in the last two overs. A interesting fact to develop fron this game was that the bilevels had not lost a single wicket
till the 14th over. Of Note was a 51 run partnership from Richard Mountfort and Luke Kiddle, these two are forming a good combination and scoring consistant totals. 
After compiling a large total, victory was imment, andy put up some resistant at the end compiling a tidy 26.

10 October 2003       Bilevels 105                                     
                         Richard M 20  Heath 20   Chris R 19  
                   Oma Rapeit 47
                         Corey 3/-7    John 1/3  Chris R 1/3

For the third week in a row the bilevels dismiss a side for a meagre 47 runs. set up by a competitve total in which Luke and Richard topscored with 35 the bilevels were always in with a good chance. The Oma rapeti team were the current league leaders of the thursday night division but once again some sharp bowling and fielding saw them skittled for a low total. Makeing one of his rare guest appearences Heath Smith had a good game behind the stumps taking a couple of sharp chances. Of interest is that the bilevels scored 6 7s.

14October 2003       Bilevels 90                                    
                         Tighe 19  Luke 18   John 17 
                   NZ Desi 55
                         Tighe 3/-5   Chris R 1/0

Reduced to 7 men the Bilevels were disadvantaged from the onset, knocking up a small but competitive total the levels had to bowl hard to defend it. Yet like the previous three games the levels wiped the oppisition in the first two partnerships leaving NZ desi at 0 after 8 overs, the levels are truely in one of there best seasons yet, exhibiting great feilding .

19 October 2003       Bilevels 108                  Debut; Bran                             
                     John 24   Ozzy 22   Sam 19 
                   The Fisters 109
                         John 1/12

This game went down to the last ball, but the bilevels failed to get wickets throughout, losing by a solitary run.
The bis only managed 4 wickets throughout, so will have to improve for the pending finals.

24 October 2003       Bilevels 168                                    
                         Tighe 33   Corey 31   Chris 27   Tough guy 22
                   Acetal Aces 133
                         John 1/-1  Tighe 2/7

The Start of the finals where the Bilevels would play the actal aces in a sudden death match to advance towards the semis.The Bis finished 4th on the tableand would play the 3rd placed aces. The Bis posted there highest score yet with everyone contributing to the total. Once the large total was posted the levels took it easy in the field, with no one really commited in the field allowing the aces to post a reasonable score of 133. The levels know that there has to be a marked improvement in the fielding if they want to take out the title.

29 October 2003       Bilevels 100                                    
                         Sam 16   Luke 15
                   Nz Desi 97
                         Sam 2/-16   Tighe 2/1
Sudden death semi where a loss would see the levels knocked out. The bis compiled a steady score of 100 with all partnerships contributing scores in the 20s. The bis let things slip in the start of the bowling defence with NZ desi on 48 after 6 overs and looked to be cruising to an easy win, however it was S. Martins over in the 7th which changed the match taking -13 from it and with it forcing immense pressure on the fragility and composure of the oppisition team. mental toughness won through on the day and the levels came through on the backs of a fine feeilding and bowling effort. 

5 Novenber 2003       Bilevels 95                                    
                         Sam 23   Tighe 20
                   Savages 93
                         Sam 2/-5  John 1/7
Sudden death semi whe