r e s u l t s
The Autumn League in the year 2003 AD

15 April          Pigs in Space    117
                           Corey   1-0     Tough Guy    3-14
                           Chris Rigg 1-6
                         Bilevels  108
                           Promode 23    Corey  23
                           John 21    Chris Rigg  19

Bilevels first game of the season was marked by some loose bowling, with too many wides being sprayed about.
The Bilevels made a good fist of chasing a competitve total , but early wickets in the last partnership, left too much to get in the final over.
There was a real cock in the other side who strutted around like he was good but in reality he was shit, why is he like this, i cannot tell you dear fans of the bilevels.

April         The Bilevels    106
                             Tighe 31    Promode 26
                        I Like That      92    
                              Corey  0-4    Chris Rigg  1-7

This was one of the great Bilevel victorys. The Bilevels currently occupying the bottom position faced the unbeaten "I Like that". Facing a constant barrage of quick bowling the Bilevels©  posted a competitive total thanks to two solid partnerships.
But it was the Bilevel feilding and bowling effort which secured the victory, some tight bowling and one of the best displays of fielding exhibited by any Bilevel team ensured victory. John Sewell had a blinder getting runouts at critical times.

29 April        The Bilevels    166
                          Corey 46     Tighe 27    Sam   25   
                      Supremo Takeouts   101
                           Chris Rigg  2/-9   John 2/6

Some Loose fielding from the Takeouts saw the Bilevels compile a record total.
The Bilevels then proceeded to take it easy in the field and let the takeots compile 95 off the first two partnerships. This elevated the bilevels into action and a second half bowling effort of greater commitment ensured a easy Bilevels victory.

11 May
         The Bilevels 127
                           Tighe 23      Richard S. 20
                           Chris Rigg 19
                        Coventry 105
                           Chris R  1/-2    Corey  0/9
                           Richard S.   0/11

The Bilevels ventured out against a team of Policeman. A solid Bilevels score set up the foundation for another Bilevel victory. Big hitting from a Mr T. Nutsford ensured a good start for the rest of the team to build on.

15 May 2003       The Bilevels  101
                                  Corey 21   Sam 20
                              Braxton BackBenchers 108
                                  Luke 1/1   Chris Rigg 1/7
Debut; R. Mountfort

This was a game where the Bilevels were playing there own demons. A batting collapse by the last partnership saw the total struggle to pass 100. This was always going to be hard to defend on the flat pitch.
Indisciplined bowling where too many wides were bowled saw the oppistion needing only 30 runs from the last two partnerships. This saw a rejuvination in the field but even two great at the death bowling spells by a Mr Chris Rigg and A Tough Guy could not see the Bilevels home.

20 May 2003      The Bilevels 52
                                 Corey 13   C. Rigg 11
                             Pigs In Space 128
                                  Luke 0/12    R. Mountfort 3/14

Poor shot selection, technique and general stupidity saw the Bilevels compile a pitiful total. The inability to preserve wickets combined with not sticking to the basics was the hallmark of previous Bilevel teams, where there was no personal resbonsibility for an individuals score, where players would rather hope for a good score and the scores of others than apply themselves.
Dear fans of the Bi's lets hope thet this is the low point of the season.

27 May 2003        The Bilevels 69
                                  Jessie 27   Sam 13
                                I Like That 139
                                   Jessie 2/6   Luke 2/8

Last weeks problem was poor batting, this week was poor bowling, too many short balls that just sat up to be smashed back down the ground the Bi's conceeded 15 boundarys onto the back net.
This set up a big task for the bilevels to win the match but a solid opening partnership of 40 gave a glimmer of hope but the trademark of a bilevel side came to fruition with stupid batting and dismissals laying the foundation for another bilevel defeat.

3 June 2003       The Bilevels 96
                                Sam 19    John 18
                            Supremo Takeouts 118
                               Richard S.   0/12   Corey  1/13

Bowling first the Bilevels could not buy a wicket, taking only 6 wickets for the match, while losing 12. There just werent many chances to be taken.
The Bilevels reply was symbolic of the lull that the team is entering, enough said.

10 June 2003    The Bilevels 83
                                Corey 20   Tough Guy 18
                            Monkey Spankers 74
                                Chris R   2/0   Heath 1/4
Debut   Heath Smith

The Monkey Spankers batted first and threatened to compile a big total with 38 from the first partnership, but the bilevels took control and got a consistent supply of wickets with some outstanding fielding. Outstanding!
Chasing The Bilevels got off to a solid start from Richard M and Corey but the other partnerships faltered with some players giving their wickets away with indisplined shots as if to lose the game. But a man of the match performance from Tough Guy who played an innings that was unfautable guided the Bilevels to the victory target.