2003winterr e s u l t s.

definitive accounts of what really went down at the centre11202 Bilevels 70 High rollers 108
>.Results. Autumn 2003  click here mates
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>.Results. in total what we have bothered to record............

Total Bilevel Games         Won 34
                                 Lost 33
                                 Drawn 2

>winter 2003 results................
15.07.2003.The Bilevels 106 vs. Worst Team ever. 70victory
23.07.2003.The Bilevels 74 vs. The Red Shirts. 35victory
03.08.2003.The Bilevels 125 vs. Worst Team ever. 90victory
05.08.2003.The Bilevels 53 vs. Supremo Takeouts. 64defeat
13.08.2003.The Bilevels 114 vs. The Thugs. 120defeat
31.08.2003.The Bilevels 127 vs. The Street Racers. 91victory
03.09.2003.The Bilevels 109 vs. The Savages. 134defeat
10.09.2003.The Bilevels 93 vs. Got it Covered. 67victory
17.09.2003.The Bilevels 109 vs. The Red Shirts. 109draw
28.09.2003.The Bilevels 109 vs. TBA. 47victory
15.10.2003.The Bilevels 90 vs. ONZ Desi. 55victory
19.10.2003.The Bilevels 108 vs. The Fisters. 109defeat
22.10.2003.The Bilevels 168 vs. Alcatal Aces. 133victory
29.10.2003.The Bilevels 100vs. NZ Desi. 97victory semi
05.11.2003.The Bilevels 95 vs. The Savages. 93victory final

>winter Titles 2003 results. the quest for the Earv McSweeny Memorial trophy
.The Bilevels 122 vs. The Savages. 112victory
19.11.2003.The Bilevels 106 vs. The Beamers. 51victory semi
26.11.2003.The Bilevels 123 vs. The Xander Zone. 129defeat final

>summer season 2003-2004
03.12.2003.The Bilevels 120 vs. The Red Shirts cs. 88victory
09.12.2003.The Bilevels 82vs. Da Klotsaks. 101defeat
17.12.2003.The Bilevels 110vs.The Red Shirts CS. 111defeat
13.01.2004.The Bilevels 97vs. The High Rollers. 68victoryt
20.01.2004.The Bilevels 60vs.Worst Team Ever. 118defeat
17.01.2004.The Bilevels 99vs.The Red Shirts CS. 97victory
.The Bilevels 58vs. Da Klotsaks. 113defeat

15.02.2004.The Bilevels 81 vs. Autumn Leaves. 86defeat
18.02.2004.The Bilevels 72 vs. High Rollers. 101defeat
22.02.2004.The Bilevels 100vs.Usual Suspects. 93victory
24.02.2004.The Bilevels 109vs.Usual Suspects. 133victory
03.03.2004.The Bilevels 18vs.The Red Shirts CS. 130defeat

The wickets have been shattered.The victorious Bilevel team, some say quite possibly the greatest team to ever hit the nets.
back row. Left to Right. Sam Martin, The Tough Guy, Richard Mountfort, Corey McMeeking, Gaberial Luke Kiddle.
Tighe Nutsford, Mr Chris Rigg, Mr John Sewell.

Also Adam the umpire somehow slipped in the back there, what a crazy guy.