Player Profiles



Games 127
Runs 1825  Avg 14.3 Hs 46

Ov. 255  Runs 1214
Avg 4.76  Wkts. 89
Corey McMeeking
Being the Captain and the editor of this website has its advantages. However If only members of the team had learnt to read then i would not have spent half my life emailing the time of the game.
Games 123
Runs 891  Avg 7.2 Hs 23

Ov. 251  Runs 1826
Avg 7.27 Wkts. 95
Tough Guy aka Chris Hurd
Finding much inspiration from his favorite movie 'Duets' the tough guy sets the challenge to the opposition by swirling his bat like Conan.
Games 116
Runs 1110  Avg 9.4 Hs 23

Ov. 232  Runs 1290
Avg 5.56 Wkts. 107
The Giant aka Gabrielle Luke Kiddle
Whether out at a Protest or eating some vegetarian delicacies The Giant always finds time for Indoor. However the Bono look had limited success with scoring birds.
Games 105
Runs 1171  Avg 11.2 Hs 27

Ov. 210  Runs 1151
Avg 5.48 Wkts. 63
Animal aka Chris Rigg
Oddly boosts that he has a large left testicle. Regarded as the sensitive one in the side , his poetic ways with words would melt any womens heart.
Games 93
Runs 1159  Avg 12.5 Hs 26

Ov. 186  Runs 1092
Avg 5.87 Wkts. 65
Sam Martin
Probably the cruelest Bilevel to play. He wont hold back on the bouncer, and has smashed a Grandpa in the face who was filling in cause the team was short and has also sconed this Bill Gates look a like. What a bastard.
Games 70
Runs 1375  Avg 19.6 Hs 54

Ov. 138  Runs 753
Avg 5.45 Wkts. 59
Tighe Nutsford
The David Boon of the Bilevels, his hard hitting can often turn a match, but unlike Boon he is known as two can man.
Games 69
Runs 750  Avg 10.9 Hs 29

Ov. 138  Runs 895
Avg 6.48 Wkts. 53
John Sewell
Forms half of theStar batting duo of the Sewlly Brothers, Johnny is regarded as the thinker within the team proclaiming that tapes will one day come back cause they dont get scratched.
Games 65
Runs 271  Avg 4.2 Hs 24

Ov. 132  Runs 999
Avg 7.57 Wkts. 58
Slobadon aka Mycheal Stevenson
After announcing his retirement in 2004, the slob as he is known was back down at the centre two days later.Comparisons with his 'friend' Jimmy Franklin have been made by many at the Centre.
Games 45
Runs 430  Avg 9.6 Hs 23

Ov. 90  Runs 545
Avg 6.05 Wkts. 37
Crass aka George Cass
Condemned to biking to the Centre after an unsavory incident to a team member on the way to New World over which game was better, Mario Party or Metal Gear Solid.
Games 43
Runs 228  Avg 5.3 Hs 27

Ov. 88  Runs 680
Avg 7.27 Wkts. 27
Weasal aka Richard Sewell
Inventor of the thigh rub and 'dry root a stranger on the dance floor move', Richie has found fame in Buxton Idol.
Games 37
Runs 391  Avg 10.6 Hs 35

Ov. 75  Runs 451
Avg 6.01 Wkts. 26
Mounty aka Richard Mountfort
Often never short of advice this Bilevels often talks of his Favourite movie Tomb Raider 2.
Games 35
Runs 187  Avg 5.3 Hs 19

Ov. 68  Runs 475
Avg 6.99 Wkts. 22
Bad Boy aka Stewart Charles Powdrell
Sadly for the Levels this Star defected to the North Koreans, Last news was that he was suffering Yellow Fever and hooking up with "Babes on the net".
Games 24
Runs 317  Avg 13.2Hs 36

Ov. 46  Runs 197
Avg 4.2 Wkts. 21
KY aka Andrew Cardiff
Unfortunately named KY after Boys School Shower hijinx KY is a advocate of separation from the Government and is a member of the Armed Militia for Richmond.
Games 19
Runs 260  Avg 13.7 Hs 30

Ov. 38  Runs 199
Avg 5.2 Wkts. 19
Jessie the Savage
Bastion of the back net. Controversially left the team.
Games 12
Runs 164  Avg 13.7 Hs 23

Ov. 24  Runs 151
Avg 6.3 Wkts. 7
Simon Reddington
Depending on whether he remebers to wears his contacts, this Aro Valley Son is known as the leopard of the wild.
Games 12
Runs 152  Avg 12.6 Hs 31

Ov. 24  Runs 186
Avg 7.75 Wkts. 7
Lee Samson
Instigator of one of the favorite moments of the levels.Dont sledge him while hes playing or he will come after you, and then your team, as conad found out......the hard way.
Games 1
Runs 5  Avg 5 Hs 5

Ov. 2  Runs 8
AvgWkts. 0
Thomas Mountfort
The only real Bilevel to have played for the side, Thomas was wrongly accused of crimes against the family cat.