last updated    13 May 2005
The Bilevels Indoor Cricket Club, Wellington, New Zealand.
"Its a long way to Heaven and a short way to Hell"
RIP Pusscat Mountfort Passed away 31-12-04
The Bilevels Vs Da Clock Saks Tsunami Appeal Match 7:20pm - Wednesday 12 January 2005
Newtown Indoor Cricket Centre. Be There!
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T h e    B i l e v e l s    i n d o o r   c r i c k e t    t e a m    f o r m e d   1 9 9 3 
      d i v i s i o n a l    c h a m p i o n s      2 0 0 0 .   2 0 0 3 .  2 0 0 3 . 
B i l e v e l   ;   adj/noun
                          1 .   Of  two  levels.
                          2 .   Long at back , short on top.
                          3 .   white trash.
                          4 .   Indoor cricket team of intellectual superiority.

NEWS.........Bilevel John Sewell scores 54 for University........Who will win the greatest batsman award between L. Kiddle and M. Stevenson......current averages.......L. Kiddle 3, M. Stevenson 6.8. ......lukes score last week 0.....latest odds......l.kiddle £300.65, M. Stevenson £1.05.....l kiddle voted cricketing retard
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