Links & Top 10 your Guide to the most despised players ever and other points of interest to the modern cricketer         

The Worst Cricketers Ever

1.Brett Lee 39                             
2. Shane Warne 22
3.Ricky Ponting 20
4. Shane Lee 14
5. Mark Richardson 10
5=Lehmann 10
7.Conan 9
8= A. Rangatunga 8
8= Lee Germon 8
10= M. Waugh 8

11.Adam Gilchrist 7
12= Andrew Symonds 6
12=georges mate 6
14=Brian McMillian 5
14=Michael Bevan5
14=Jeff Wilson 5
17.D. Morrison 4
18=Eddo Brandes 3
18=Matthew Sinclair 3
18=Parorfag 3

21=Adam Huckle 2
21=George Crass 2
21=Paul Strang 2
24=.Luke Kiddle 1
24=Ian Botham (it’s pronounced Noridge!) 1
24=A. Caddick 1

l i n k s   p l a c e s   o f   i n t e r e s t   t o   t h e   m o d e r n   c r i c k e t e r

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a comprehensive site from this australian team.

b i l e v e l   i d o l  s i t e s
One of the great living Australians, a hero to a few players in the team a god to others.
If you thought North Korea was more regimented, you should try get into this site. Big Brother is watching you. Probably one of the most contreversial sites around, from the former bilevel, who doesnt hold back at taking a swipe at former teamates.
This former level now lives in switzerland.

P a u l     H o l m e s _ i thank jesus every night that i can breathe the same air as paul

" What has holmes got against people with dark skin, first it was the darkies call, then this don brash poll, do you support brash and
his white supremisist stand, in which he had 92% support,now on holmes last night they had this "social
experiment" where they dropped a wallet on the
street with $100, and filmed TWO people, one was this middle class white faimly man with his wife and and infant child, who picked it up and saw the reporter drop it, and ran up 3 metres to him and gave it back, the other victim of this experiment was this man with brown
skin, who didnt look that finaccially secure, they
filmed him picking it up and putting it into his pocket, they then filmed the guy walking to the policestation to hand it in. just after they handed it in they approached him outside the station and had a go
at him asking where the $100 was, (the dude had taken it), the guy said he hadnt seen it, they then
threatened to take him into the cops etc etc,.

Now why would someone poor take the money if the oppurtuinty presented itself.

Outrage at Holmes' darkie jibe - Taken from the Auckland Herald

Paul Holmes' "cheeky darkie" comments have appeared around the world, including on a racist website where messages of support have been posted for the broadcaster.

A member of Florida-based white nationalist site Stormfront quoted Holmes with the comment: "I love it."

Despite Prime Minister Helen Clark's immediate rejection of the comments, New Zealand's image has been tarnished, it is claimed.

On his Newstalk ZB morning show on Wednesday, Holmes referred to United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan as a "cheeky darkie" and said, "We are not going be told how to live by a Ghanaian. "Media in Britain, the Netherlands, Denmark, China, Australia, South Africa, the United States and throughout Africa have reported what was said. The Herald has received messages from around the world criticising Holmes. Many call for his resignation.William Ocloo, a Ghanaian living in Denmark - Mr Annan's home - said the comments had confirmed his worst suspicions. He had endured similar comments from New Zealanders in the past. "I feel strongly that there is a general perception in New Zealand [of racial superiority]. "Maxwell Yifusu, a spokesman for the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, said the national radio station had been inundated with outraged calls. "It shows total disregard for the world's highest-ranking public official and is an insult to our country." Producer Paul Yandall has resigned from the Television New Zealand Holmes programme over the comments and there are rumours that others are considering walking out.

The programme's future was unclear last night, but bosses at the radio station have said they will take no further action other than to follow up complaints.

However, many people who have contacted the Herald are in no doubt as to what should happen.

"An apology is inadequate," said Marc Anderson Honore, a New Zealander living in Denmark. "The man's comments were indefensible and deeply unsympathetic. Any news organisation with an ounce of integrity will distance themselves from this racist hack. ZB should take action and sack Paul Holmes."

Another caller from the Netherlands said: "To not remove a 'journalist' who, regrets and apologies aside, is so obviously a racist in a country with a history of subjugation of an indigenous population is totally unacceptable to most world citizens.

"This is the tolerant, multi-ethnic country which invites tourists to enjoy its scenic beauty? Not without getting misanthropes like Holmes out of positions of influence.






b i l e v e l   i n t e r e s t   s i t e s

A Great Read, Check out this book at Amazon,
"Seen and Heard" Kyle Williamson.
A 14 year old boy writes his view on the political world, no way has he had no life experience and daa-dys
a mute hardworking man.
"I will tell anyone that i believe homosexuality is a sin and a disgusting lifestyle" - what you telling me he didnt enjoy Caspers, i think he has just had bad experiences with his boyfriends hygene.