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At some stage you will find some photo's from the USA on these pages.  I've fixed the mutated tables you would have seen using Netscape 6 (.02).  I have now switched ISP's and decided how I want to present the photo's and information.  Basically, each state I have visited will have a  map which will have a link you can click onto to see the photo's (and information) from that location.  I might include some detailed maps as the best maps I have for scanning don't include some of the minior roads that we traveled along (some of them were not even sealed) - you will be left to connect the dots your self.  I have a National Geographic Road Atlas which has proven to be a very worth while but the states I have visited so far have always had free state road maps in the information centres which we have called into.  Over time more photo's and information will be added so please call again soon !  If your looking for information about my company then you need to take a look at Racam Electronics

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If you can read this then you are not allowing images to show which really does make visiting this site pointless as this site was put up with the idea of sharing my holiday photo's. Please allow your browser to display images and things will look a lot more interesting - (even if I do say so my self).

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