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                        This section is not a general overview of literature in the field, but lists all unpublished and most published sources referred to in this thesis. Minor references to published material are included in full in footnotes. Published sources (such as annual reports and parish magazines) found in archival material are included under manuscript sources.

I. Manuscript Sources

          A. New Zealand Archives

                   1. Parish Archives

                   2. Denominational Archives

                   3. Public Archives

                   4. Private Collections

          B. Overseas Archives

                   1. Parish Archives

                   2. Public Archives

                   3. Private Collections

II. Published Sources

          A. Books

          B. Articles

          C. Theses

          D. Periodicals

          E. Newspapers

I. Manuscript Sources

          A. New Zealand Archives

                   1. Parish Archives

Ashburton Anglican St. Stephen's Archives

          Cash Book 1904-

          Vestry Minutes

          Vestry Book 1909-1921

Auckland Baptist Tabernacle Archives

          Deacons' Minutes 1912-1915

          Ledger Book 1886-1962

          Organ Folder

          Inwards Correspondence [Organ Folder]

          Outwards Correspondence [Organ Folder]

Auckland: Khyber Pass Presbyterian St. David's Archives

          Report of Organ Purchase Committee

          Managers' Minutes 1901-1913

Managers' Minutes 1913-1929

Auckland: Kingsland Methodist Trinity Archives

          Trust Minutes 1908-1946

Auckland: Mt Eden Presbyterian Greyfriars Archives

          Managers' Minutes

Auckland: Parnell Anglican St. Mary's Archives

          Vestry Minutes 1892-1916

Auckland: Ponsonby Presbyterian St. Stephen's Archives

          Session Minutes 1906-1919

          Managers' Minutes 1906-1918

          Cash Book 1905-1929

                   Annual Accounts

Auckland: Remuera Catholic Convent Sacred Heart Archives

          House Journal

          Insurance Policy

Blenheim Presbyterian St. Andrew's Archives

          Committee Minutes 1907

Cambridge Anglican St. Andrew's Archives

          Vestry Minutes 1888-1921

          Cash Book 1901-1912

Christchurch Anglican St. John's Archives

          Vestry Minutes 1901-1914

          Vestry Minutes 1914-1926

          Annual Reports

Christchurch Anglican St. Luke's Archives

          Vestry Minutes 1882-1899

Christchurch: Avonside Anglican Holy Trinity Archives

          Vestry Minutes [1917-1919]

Christchurch Christian Science Archives

          Madras Street Committee Minutes [transcript sighted]

Christchurch: Fendalton Anglican St. Barnabas' Archives

          Parish Magazine

Christchurch: Linwood Congregational Archives

          Management Committee Minutes 1908-1917

Christchurch: Papanui Anglican St. Paul's Archives

          Vestry Minutes 1899-1916

          Papanui Church Gazette

Christchurch Presbyterian Knox Archives [presently inaccessible]

          Managers' Minutes [transcript sighted]

Christchurch: St Albans Anglican St. Matthew's Archives

          Annual Reports

Parish Magazine


Christchurch: Woolston Anglican St. John's ArchivesVestry Minutes

Devonport Presbyterian St. Paul's Archives

          Managers' Minutes 1914-1921

          Inwards Correspondence [Organ Folder]

Dunedin Baptist Hanover Street Archives

          Minute Book: Church Meeting 29 May 1902.

Dunedin: Mornington Presbyterian Archives

          Accounts 1881-1915

Dunedin Presbyterian First Church Archives

          Session Minutes 1849-1879, 1879-1902

          Timson Scrap Book

Dunedin Presbyterian Knox Archives

          Deacons' Minutes 1877-1894

          Inwards Correspondence

          Annual Reports

          Music Diary of Arthur Barth 1887-1893

Feilding Anglican St. John's Archives

          Vestry Minutes 1903-1914

          Vestry Minutes 1913-1920

          Vestry Minutes 1920-1924

Feilding Presbyterian St. Paul's Archives

          Managers' Minutes 1898-1923

          Session Minutes [1919-1921]

          Ledger Account 1913-1950

Gisborne Presbyterian St. Andrew's Archives

          Managers' Letter Book 1891-1916

          [Managers' Minutes 1903-1919 temporarily missing]

Halswell Anglican St. Mary's Archives

          Prebbleton Anglican All Saints' Vestry Minutes 1901-1923

Hamilton Methodist Central Archives

          Trust Minutes 1909-1925

Trust Minutes 1925-1933

Trust Minutes 1945-1966

Hamilton Presbyterian St. Andrew's Archives

          Managers' Minutes 1927-1928


Hastings Presbyterian St. Andrew's Archives

          Managers' Minutes 1908-1926

Havelock North Anglican St. Luke's Archives

          Vestry Minutes 1912-1951

          Account Book 1889-1928

Havelock North Presbyterian Columba Archives

          Managers' Minutes

          Cash Book 1907-1924

Hawera Presbyterian St. John's Archives

          Managers' Minutes 1874-1904

          Managers' Minutes 1904-1923

          Account Book 1882-1915

Hokitika Anglican All Saints' Archives

          Vestry Minutes 1888-1931

          Letter Book 1886-1925

Vestry Book 1903-1908

Invercargill Baptist Archives

          Deacons' Minutes 1901-1912

          Deacons' Minutes 1913-1921

          Deacons' Minutes 1921-1935

          Church Meetings 1904-1914

          Church Meetings 1914-

          Cash Ledger 1908-1912

          Cash Ledger 1912-1934

Invercargill Presbyterian First Church Archives

          Choir programmes

          Session Minutes 1883-1903

          Inwards Correspondence

Invercargill Presbyterian Knox Archives

          Session Minutes 1917-1929

          Deacons' Minutes 1922-1942

Cash Ledger 1917-

Invercargill Presbyterian St. Paul's Archives

          Deacons' Minutes 1875-1886

          Deacons' Minutes 1894-1904

          Deacons' Minutes 1904-1912

          Deacons' Minutes 1912-1920

          Deacons' Minutes 1920-1931

          Session Minutes 1876-1901

          Session Minutes 1901-1914

          Letterbook 1900-1912

Kaiapoi Anglican St. Bartholomew's Archives

          Vestry Minutes

Kaikoura Presbyterian St. Paul's Archives

          Managers' Minutes 1877-1917

Lincoln Anglican St. Stephen's Archives

          Vestry Book 1902-1910

Masterton Anglican St. Matthew's Archives

          Vestry Minutes 1895-1908

          Vestry Minutes 1908-1923

          Secretary's Letter Book 1894-1911

          Inwards Correspondence 1911-1914

          Cash Book 1900-1909

          Ledger Book 1911-1917

          Offertory Book I 1895-1914

          Offertory Book II 1904-1918

Masterton Presbyterian Knox Archives

          Managers' Minutes

Nelson Catholic St. Mary's Archives

          Organ file in situ

New Plymouth Methodist Whiteley Memorial Archives

          Trust Letter Book 1917-1927

Oamaru Anglican St. Luke's Archives

          Letter Book 1880-1911

          Vestry Minutes 1880-1902

Palmerston North Anglican All Saints' Archives

          Vestry Minutes 1893-1917

          Vestry Minutes 1919-1946

Vestry Book 1921-1938

          Parish Magazine

Palmerston North Congregational Emmanuel Archives

          Church Meeting Minutes 1900-1925 [transcript sighted]

          Managers' Minutes 1900-1925 [transcript sighted]

Papatoetoe Presbyterian St. John's Archives

          Managers' Minutes 1922-1935

          Session Minutes

Patea Anglican St. George's Archives

          Vestry Minutes

Petone Presbyterian St. David's Archives

          Managers' Minutes 1902-1908

          Managers' Minutes 1908-1932

          Letter Book 1907-1913

          Letter Book 1913-1927

          Cash Book 1922-1943

Springston Anglican St. Mary's Archives

          Vestry Minutes 1873-1977


Timaru Presbyterian Chalmers Archives

          Deacons' Minutes 1902-1914

Waimate Anglican St. Augustine's Archives

          Annual Reports


          Vestry Minutes 1896-1901

Wanganui Anglican Christ Church Archives

          Vestry Minutes 1895-1923

Wanganui: Gonville Anglican St. Peter's Archives

          Service Register 1920-1933

          Vestry Minutes 1925-1931

          Vestry Minutes 1931-1939

Wanganui Methodist Trinity Archives

          Inwards & Outwards Correspondence [Organ Papers]

          Trust Minutes

Wanganui Presbyterian St. Paul's Archives

          Managers' Minutes 1883-1894

          Managers' Minutes 1895-1904

          Managers' Minutes 1904-1919

          Secretary's Letter Book 1904-1911

          Account Book 1898-1924

          Annual Reports

Wellington Anglican St. Mark's Archives

          Parish Magazine

                   2. Denominational Archives

Auckland Anglican Diocesan Archives

          Dargaville Anglican Holy Trinity

                   Vestry Minutes 1925-1931

          Devonport Anglican Holy Trinity

                   Vestry Minutes 1891-1904

                   Account Book 1898-1908

          Ellerslie Anglican Christ Church

                   Inwards Correspondence

          Epsom Anglican St. Andrew's

                   Vestry Minutes 1911-1923

                   Letter Book 1923-1927

                   Annual Reports

          Epsom Anglican St. George's

                   Vestry Minutes

                   Account Book

          Mt Albert Anglican St. Luke's

                   Vestry Minutes 1895-1907

                   Vestry Minutes 1900-1923 

          Remuera Anglican St. Aidan's

                   Vestry Minutes 1911-1912

                   Scrap Book 1905-1914

Auckland Methodist Archives

          Grafton Methodist

                   Trust Minutes

          Mt Eden Methodist

                   Account Book 1913-1920

          Ponsonby Methodist St. John's

                   Trust Minutes [1901-1912]

                   New Organ File 1895

                            Auckland Residence Lascelles Specification 1895

          Thames Methodist

                   Trust Minutes 1913-1938

Trust Accounts 1913-1931

Auckland: New Zealand Baptist Archives

          Nelson Baptist

                   Members' Minutes 1908-21

                   Members' Minutes 1921-1934

                   Officers' Minutes 1922-1933

                   Secretary's Letter Book 1920-23

                   Inwards Correspondence

Christchurch Anglican Diocesan Archives

          Bishops' Faculty Book 1890-1951

          Christchurch Anglican St. Michael's

                   Letter Book 1872-1911

                   Vestry Minutes 1886-1904

          Cust Anglican St. James'

                   Vestry Minutes -1917

                   Cust Parochial Society Minutes 1901-1924

                   Churchwardens' Vestry Book 1914-1926

                   Correspondence Folder 1864-1916

                   Correspondence Folder 1923-1945

          Lyttelton West Anglican St. Saviour's

                   Vestry Minutes 1885-

                   Cash Book 1877-1894

          Merivale Anglican St. Mary's

                   Vestry Minutes -1943

          Temuka Anglican St. Peter's

                   Vestry Minutes 1897-1929

Christchurch: New Zealand Methodist Connexional Office Archives

          Addington Methodist St. John's

                   Trust Minutes 1897-1907

          Blenheim Methodist Wesley

                   Trust Minutes 1891-1912

          Christchurch Methodist Durham Street

                   Trust Minutes 1906-1920

          Christchurch Methodist East Belt

                   Trust Minutes 1891-1914

          Feilding Methodist Wesley

                   Trust Minutes 1912-1936

          Greymouth Methodist St. Paul's

                   Trust Minutes 1903-1910

                   Trust Minutes 1925-1940

                   Quarterly Minutes 1910-1918

Account Book 1888-1920 I

                   Account Book 1882-1923 II

Inwards Correspondence [Organ Folder]

          Hastings Methodist Wesley

                   Trust Minutes 1910-1914

          Hawera Methodist

                   Trust Minutes 1876-1913

                   Trust Minutes 1913-1955

          Hokitika Methodist St. Paul's

Trust Minutes 1900-1920

Cash Book 1874-1911

          Masterton Methodist Wesley

                   Trust Minutes 1885-1948

          Nelson Methodist Wesley

                   Trust Minutes 1877-1907

          Newtown Methodist Trinity

Trust Papers 1904-1906

          Northland Methodist Ward Memorial

                   Trust Minutes -1931

                   Trust Minutes 1933-1949

          Oamaru Methodist Wesley

                   Trust Minutes 1916-1938

          Palmerston North Methodist St. Paul's

                   Trust Minutes 1916-1938

          Petone Methodist

                   Trust Cash Account 1909-1932

                   Trust Minutes 1908-1927

                   Receipt Book 1914-1919

          Rangiora Methodist

                   Trust Minutes 1883-1902

          Spreydon Methodist

                   Trust Minutes 1888-1930

          St Albans Methodist

                   Trust Minutes 1907-1920

                   Building Committee and Trust Minutes 1868-1914 [not extant]

          Timaru Methodist Bank Street

                   Trust Minutes 1887-1917

                   Trust Accounts 1908-1915

          Timaru Methodist Woodlands Street

                   Quarterly Minutes 1899-1913

                   Trust Minutes 1903-1916

          Waimate Methodist St. Paul's

                   Trust Minutes 1887-1935

                   Trust Accounts 1865-1955

          Wellington Primitive Methodist Sydney Street

                   Trust Minutes 1897-1931

                   Trust Accounts 1895-1931

          Woolston Methodist

                   Trust Minutes 1902-1912

Dunedin: Hewitson Library Archives [Presbyterian]

          Proceedings of General Assemblies

          Proceedings of Synods

          Andersons Bay

                   Session Minutes 1863-1897

          Clutha Presbytery

                   Minutes 1865-1872

          Dunedin Presbytery

                   Minutes 1865-1875, 1875-1884, 1884-1891, 1891-1900

          Dunedin North Presbyterian St. Stephen's

                   Deacons' Minutes 1893-1901

          East Taieri

                   Session Minutes 1854-1898

                   Deacons' Minutes 1854-1895

                   Inwards Correspondence

          Gore Presbyterian St. Andrew's

                   Session Minutes 1884-1906

          Kaikoura Presbyterian St. Paul's

                   Organ Fund Account 1899

                   Organ Fund Account 1901

                   Organ Specification

          Maori Hill Presbyterian

                   Organ File 1928-1934

                            Inwards Correspondence

                            Outwards Correspondence

                            Organ Committee Reports

          Mataura Presbytery

                   Minutes 1891-1908

          North East Valley Presbyterian St. David's

                   Managers' Minutes 1906-1917

                   Organ Contract

          Oamaru Presbytery


          Otago and Southland Synod

                   Minutes 1877

          Port Chalmers Presbyterian Iona

                   Session Minutes 1857-1880

                   Deacons' Minutes 1857-1876

          Ravensbourne Presbyterian

                   Managers' Minutes 1900-1911

          Roslyn Presbyterian

                   Deacons' Minutes 1907-1929

                   Inwards & Outwards Correspondence [Organ Folder]

          Timaru Congregational

                   Church Record Book


Hamilton: Waikato Anglican Diocesan Archives

          Cambridge Anglican St. Andrew's

                   Church Gazette

                   Vicar's Letter Book 1896-1906

                   Scrap Book:

                            Organ Contract


                            Opening Programme

                            Newspaper clippings

Nelson Anglican Diocesan Archives

          Blenheim Anglican Nativity

                   Vestry Minutes 1890-1911

                   Letter Book [1905-1908]

Wellington Catholic Diocesan Archives

          Wellington Catholic Sacred Heart Parker Report

                   3. Public Archives

Auckland Institute and Museum Library Archives

          Auckland Choral Society

                   Committee Minutes 1896-1922

                   Scrap Book of newspaper clippings 1889-

          Croft Letter Books

                   I 1899-1905

                   II 1905-1909

                   III 1909-1926

          Epsom Presbyterian

                   Inwards Correspondence 1913-1940

                   Managers' Minutes 1901-1914

                   Managers' Minutes 1919-1928

                   Building Fund Account

          Onehunga Presbyterian

                   Managers' Minutes 1882-1907

                   Managers' Minutes 1907-1917

          Parnell Presbyterian Knox

                   Annual Report

                   Account Book 1910-1923

                   Scrap Book          Ponsonby Unitarian

                   Committee Minutes 1900-1904

                   Managers' Minutes 1904-1909

                   Minister's Diary


                            Recital Programmes

                            Historical Sketch

          Remuera Presbyterian Somervell Memorial

                   Managers' Minutes 1918-1921

                   Managers' Minutes 1921-1929

          Suva Presbyterian St. Andrew's

                   Inwards Correspondence 1898-1910

                   Managers' Minutes 1901-1911 [typescript of CCM]

                   Church Committee Minutes 1906-1908

                   Letter Book 1899-1941

Auckland Public Library Archives

          Auckland Presbyterian St. Andrew's

                   Managers' Minutes 1895-1910

          Auckland Presbyterian St. James'

                   Session Minutes 1888-1912

          Mt Eden Congregational

                   Church Minutes 1899-1922

                   Letter Book 1899-1905

Christchurch: Canterbury Public Library, New Zealand Room Archives

          Christchurch Anglican Cathedral

                   Inwards Correspondence [Organ Folder]

          Christchurch City Council

                   Inwards Correspondence

          Christchurch Congregational Trinity

                   Congregational Minutes 1884-1896

                   Deacons' Minutes 1889-1898

                   Deacons' Minutes 1916-1924

                   Inwards Correspondence

                   Organ Specification

          Christchurch Presbyterian St. Andrew's

                   Deacons' Minutes

                   Organ Correspondence

          Greymouth Presbyterian St. John's

                   Cash Book 1909-1932

          Organists' and Choirmasters' Guild Minutes

Christchurch City Council Archives

          Minute Book [1906-1909]

Christchurch: University of Canterbury Library Archives

          Carpenters' and Joiners' Society records

Christchurch: University of Canterbury MacMillan-Brown Archives

          Canterbury Organ Archive

                   Barnett Papers

Dunedin: Hocken Library Archives

          Dunedin Anglican All Saints'

                   Vestry Minutes 1882-1923

          Dunedin Anglican St. Matthew's

                   Vestry Minutes [1875-1898]

          Dunedin Anglican Cathedral St. Paul's

                   Chapter Minutes 1894-1920

          Dunedin Congregational Moray Place

                   Congregational Minutes 1893-1917

                   Deacons' Minutes

                   National Bank Pass Book

                   Organ Fund Book

                   Cash Book

                   Inwards Correspondence 1877-1967

          Dunedin Methodist Central Mission

                   Trust Minutes 1908-1923

          Gladstone Anglican All Saints'

                   Annual Report

                   Service Register 1913-1923

                   Vestry Minutes 1921-

          Invercargill Methodist St. Paul's

                   Trust Minutes 1868-1905

                   Trust Minutes 1905-1925

          Invercargill South Methodist Teviot Street

                   Trust Minutes 1908-1926

          Invercargill South Primitive Methodist St. Peter's

                   Trust Minutes

          Lawrence Anglican Holy Trinity

                   Cash Book 1884-1905

          Queenstown Anglican St. Peter's

                   Vestry Minutes 1898-1929

          Roslyn Anglican St. John's

                   Vestry Minutes 1894-1910

                   Vestry Minutes 1824-1930

Nelson Provincial Museum Archives

          Nelson Presbyterian

                   Deacons' Minutes

New Plymouth Library Archives

          Brake Papers

                   Progress Calling Card

Oamaru: North Otago Museum Archives

          Oamaru Presbyterian Columba Letter Book

Timaru: South Canterbury Museum Archives

          Timaru Presbyterian Trinity

                   Deacons' Minutes 1892-1909

                   Organ Folder:

Inwards Correspondence

                            Specifications and Contracts

          Waimate Presbyterian Knox

                   Managers' Minutes 1916-1930

                   Cash Book I 1916-1932

                   Cash Book II 1924-1932

                   Annual Report

Wellington: National Archives

          Immigration Papers

          Coroner's Report

Wellington: National Library, Turnbull Manuscripts Collection

          Comrie Papers

                   Mt Eden Presbyterian Greyfriars Annual Report

                   Onehunga Presbyterian Re-opening Invitation

          Lower Hutt Methodist

                   Trust Minutes 1856-1914

                   Quarterly Account Book 1854-1909

          Lower Hutt Presbyterian Knox

                   Managers' Minutes 1903-1906

Managers' Minutes 1906-1913

          New Plymouth Anglican St. Mary's [microfilm]

                   Organ Papers 1892-1926

                   Letter Book 1897-1904

          Newtown Congregational


          Newtown Presbyterian St. James'

                   Deacons' Minutes 1915-1932

          Petone Anglican St. Augustine's

                   Vestry Minutes 1888-1909

                   Account Book 1899

          Stiller Documentations

          Stiller, J. Summary Report of Pipe Organs Documented in New Zealand

          Taihape Anglican St. Margaret's

                   Vestry Minutes 1911-1933

                   Scrap Book

          Wellington Anglican St. Mark's

                   Choir Scrap Book

                   Vestry Minutes 1894-1907

          Wellington Anglican St. Paul's

                   Vestry Minutes 1860-1891

                   Vestry Minutes 1891-1902

                   Vestry Minutes 1902-1935

          Wellington Baptist


                   Church Minutes

          Wellington Presbyterian Kent Terrace

                   Annual Report

          Wellington Presbyterian St. Andrew's

                   Deacons' Minutes 1903-1914

                   Managers' Minutes 1913-1920

                   Managers' Minutes 1920-1924

                   Managers' Minutes 1927-1931

                   Inwards Correspondence

                   Roslyn Presbyterian

                            Organ Opening Programme

                   Wellington Presbyterian Kent Terrace

                            Hobday Letter 1920

          Wellington Presbyterian St. John's

                   Managers' Minutes 1903-[1913]

                   Church Record

                   Parish magazine

                   4. Private Collections

Auckland: Croft Family Collection

          Family Bible

Christchurch: Brett Family Collection

Christchurch: Mayne Collection

          School Admission Registers

                   Lincoln School Admission Register

                   Richmond School Admission Register No 1 1881-1887

Christchurch: Wilby Collection of Hathaway Papers

Devonport: Petchell Collection of Osborne Papers

          Scrap Book

New Plymouth: Barton Collection of Brake Papers

          Inwards Correspondence

          Letter Book I 1906-1920

          Letter Book II 1938-1942

          Note Book

Waimate: Meyer Collection of Brake Papers

          Bessie L. Brake Diary 1 January 1904-10 February 1907.


Timaru: South Island Organ Company Archives

          Hill, Norman & Beard (Christchurch) Correspondence

Wellington: Salkeld Family Collection

          B. Overseas Archives

                   1. Parish Archives

Geelong Anglican All Saints' Archives

          Vestry Minutes 1873-1884

Geelong Anglican Christ Church Archives

          Service Register 1859-1885

          Vestry Minutes 1870-1881

Geelong Methodist Yarra Street Archives

          Cash Book 1857-1908

          Trust Minutes 1861-1888

Warrnambool Presbyterian St. John's Archives

          Session Minutes

          Annual Report 

                   2. Public Archives

Birmingham Public Library, British Organ Archive

          Hill Estimate Book 1877-1889 [transcript sighted]

Melbourne: State Library of Victoria, Australian Manuscripts Collection

          Fincham-Matthews Collection

                   Fincham Letter Book Transcripts

Notes from Church Records II/K1/84: Letters 1878-1884

                            George Collings Diary transcripts

New York: Columbia University, Butler Library Archives

          Carnegie Corporation Archives

                   Church Organ Correspondence [microfilm]

                   3. Private Collections

Melbourne: Fincham Family Collection

          Letter Book I 1869-1876

          Letter Book II 1876-1878

          Letter Book III 1878-1884

          Letter Book IV 1884-1888

          Letter Book V 1886-1887

          Letter Book VI 1888-1890

          Letter Book VII 1890-1891

          Letter Book VII 1891-1893

          Letter Book VIII 1893-1895

          Letter Book X 1895-1897

          Letter Book XI Adelaide specifications 1881-1889; Melbourne letters


          Letter Book XII Adelaide letters 1881-1889; Melbourne letters 1899-1900

          Letter Book XIII voicing shop 1891-1901; specifications 1878-1887

          Letter Book XIV specifications 1887-1894

          Letter Book XV specifications 1894-1900

          Letter Book XVI specifications 1900-1902; voicing shop 1901-1917

          Letter Book XVII 1900-1901

          Letter Book XVIII 1901-1902

          Letter Book XIX 1902-1904

          Letter Book XX 1904-1905

          Letter Book XXI 1905-1908

          Letter Book XXII 1908-1911

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