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   Some local art-and-craftisans:

Dugal Armour: aquatic Coppersmith, 12 Dee Street, 4348876.

Alongside his lifelong fascination with trees, expressed in a deep knowledge of the local native and exotic forests, and the practice of landscape architecture and tree husbandry, Dugal’s love of water has led him to produce elegantly crafted water features from recycled copper as the perfect complement to any garden setting. His witty and imaginative designs in a wide range of botanical forms now include integrated gas lighting.


Bill Blair: green Woodworker, c/o Post Office Kakanui, 4395781, www.oamaru.org.

In his charming workshop in one of the old Red Sheds beside Oamaru Harbour, Bill uses traditional handtools to make trugs, hayrakes and bentwood pitchforks. His most picturesque device is the shaving horse, along with which a sharp drawknife is used to shape the rake handles and heads, the type of tools which have been the basis of woodworking for millennia. The green but slightly-seasoned wood used is easy to work and produces little dust, and is then finished with natural and pleasant-smelling oils and waxes.


Richard Bowering: Decorator of horticultural ceramics, 9 Tyne St, 4342677.

Richard' s virtuoso and colourful creations in acrylics on pots and, more latterly, flat surfaces have proved a popular drawcard for visitors. The marbled, dream-like effusions in vivid metallics he has developed himself. We use them as gift containers for homemade biscuits and fudge. Also candleholders and potted candles.


Seriously different hand painted, glazed terracotta pots, candleholders, candle pots and paintings.


Criterion Hotel and Victorian Bed & Breakfast, 3 Tyne Street, 4346247, www.criterion.net.nz.

The perfect place to meet after a hard week's organ grinding.  A range of organic beers on tap, served in the Victorian surroundings of the main bar, but may be enjoyed in the comfortable snug or the opulent drawing and dining rooms.



Daniel McNamara: Purveyor of traditional craft ingredients.

Where does one go to find gutta percha, any variety of natural turpentines, oils and waxes, recipes and ingredients for cleaning and polishing marble, ivory or, indeed, anything? Along with a wide range of collectables Danny at Southern Curios can provide and source just the right information and item for the job. I always go to see him first, or end up telling him I should have gone to see him first!


Michael O’Brien: craft Bookbinder, 7 Tyne St, 4349277.

Michael’s work is astonishingly beautiful. After an apprenticeship in Auckland and a period of further study and experience with London’s top craft binders, Michael’s return to New Zealand saw a growing desire to express the finest craft values and skills in an appropriate aesthetic context. His emulation of William Morris and his circle has left an indelible stamp on his own rôle in the Oamaru artisan community. His materials are impeccable and include recycled and marbled papers, naturally tanned leathers and organic glues and oils.


Slightly Foxed quality secondhand books, 11 Tyne St, 4349277, slightlyfoxed@actrix.co.nz

Half the joy of being in this delightful bookshop is watching one's purchases being wrapped up in brown paper and string. Always a good selection of New Zealand books and some real surprises for the specialist collector.



Whitestone Artists Collective.   Grainstore Gallery, 9 Tyne St, 025 2613764.