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We were just about to head off for the September tuning round, when we were informed of the death of Gerald Bertram Lynch-Blosse, a stalwart of the historic quarter, and a tireless supporter of all things historic and aesthetic.  His funeral was held at St. Luke's, Oamaru this afternoon, and we tuned the organ up and played for the service, Rhoda assisting with the page turning.  It was a magnificent sendoff for a grand gentleman.


Our work in the North Island this trip will include the recovering of a set of reservoirs in Wanganui, work on a reed organ in Wairarapa, and assistance with some house pipe organ projects in Napier and Hamilton.


We are very pleased to announce that the contract to clean and overhaul the 1927 Lawton & Osborne/Croft organ in St. Luke's, Havelock North has been given to the New Zealand Organ Manufactory.  The work will include the addition of a new Salicional rank to the Great, and a Sesquialtera on the Swell, among other tonal improvements.  A digital capture system will be installed to improve the management of the stops.  Altogether, the work will result in a more musical and useful instrument.


Other recently acquired tunings include organs in Dunedin, Oamaru, Rangiora and Rotorua.